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“Piddles” The Cat is Rescued From 3-Alarm Fire in Revere.

(09/23/10-Revere,MA) John Bottari hugs his cat “Piddles” after Revere fire chief Gene Doherty handed the cat to him during a 3-alarm fire Thursday afternoon. The fire started at 16 Dana St and spread to a dwelling on North Shore Rd. The cat survived with minor dehydration and some minor burns to the paws. Please my Herald photo gallery here and Herald story here.

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September 21, 2009, a day that most surely will be etched in my mind forever. I arrived at Marshfield Airport at 6am and waited and hoped, on a tip, that Gisele would be flying a helicopter with flight instructor Stuart Matsumoto.  All of a sudden, there she was and away she went. Gisele and Stuart stayed up for almost 2 hours before gliding the craft to a perfect landing.  Afterwards, enroute back to Boston, I got another tip that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were jogging around the Charles River. After a few minutes I spotted them. Tom was very nice saying to me, after I identified myself as a Boston Herald photographer, that he enjoyed Boston very much, “a great city.”

(09/21/09-Boston,MA) Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes take a jog around Boston's Charles River today. Cruise looked at a camerman and said: "Great City!"  NO BOSTON SALES  Photo By Mark Edwards (Mark Edwards)

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons (Mark Garfinkel)

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons (Mark Garfinkel)

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On This Date in My Photo History: September 19, 1998 & 2007

Nelson Mandela visits Harvard and Steve Martin and friends shoot scenes from Pink Panther 2 in Copley Square. Both shot for the Boston Herald.

Steve Martin and Andy Garcia.

1994 Miss World Aishwarya Rai

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On This Date in My Photo History: Sept. 18, 1998 & 2003

(09/18/1998-Boston,MA) On the same day that the Judiciary Committee voted to release President William Clinton’s grand jury testimony in the Monica Lewisky scandal, the president arrives at Logan Airport for a fundraiser . Here, he shakes the hand of a son of a secret service agent on the tarmac at Logan. Both photographed while on assignment with the Boston Herald.

AND, BELOW… (09/18/03-Westport,MA) Hurricane Isabel stirs up the surf  at Horseneck Beach as a trusting soul looks on. The storm’s eye moved inland today at the North Carolina coast throwing heavy surf hundreds of mile north.

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Photos of Tense East Boston Standoff.

A man wanted on several warrants, holding a shard of glass and a shovel, threatened to jump off  a third floor fire escape and held police at bay for nearly 6 hours. The dramatic sceme played out on East Eagle Street in East Boston yesterday. For the majority of this incident I stayed inside my car with a very large 800mm lens, not wanting him to see me and possibly further complicating the situation or worse. Here is the Herald story by Edward Mason and below are my photos.

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I made this portrait of Ernest Withers at Panopticon Gallery, then in Waltham, now in Kenmore Square. Mr. Withers died in 2007. He was famous for his civil rights photos and for his coverage of the Memphis Blues scene. Now, Memphis’ Commercial Appeal newspaper has a story about how Mr. Withers was an alleged FBI informant, a mole that was to infiltrate the civil rights movement through his contacts with Dr. Martin Luther King jr. I CNN video is here. He was a very nice guy. My portrait was of Withers seen in a reflection of a photograph that he took of B.B King. I believe I snapped this photo in 2004

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I believe the photos below show the all important pizza box evidence in this vicious and sad case. After covering this horrific crime as it unfolded as a news photographer for the Boston Herald, I was curious to read in the papers about the prosecution’s case, etc. I read that a bloody pizza box was found under a car next to the victim’s green Subaru that had been found at the rear of a church at 1450 River Street. I was familiar with this because I was there minutes after Boston police discovered the car due to an observant citizen. I went back to my computer and studied some of my photos. Under the red car at the right of the green Subaru appears to be a cardboard box. I still had some work to do in confirming this as the prosecution did not state which car, immediately next to the victim’s car, the evidence was found under. According to Jake Wark, the spokesman for the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office, a pizza box was recovered from beneath the vehicle at the passenger’s side of Mr. Nova’s car”

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A Photo of Today’s Lightning in Boston.

Here is the only photo that I was able to pull out from this morning’s violent lightning storm. I ran to the Herald roof after leaving the photo desk, as I was a fill-in assignment editor today. The storm seemed to be a safe distance away so that I would not be in any danger up there. All of a sudden the lightning that had been in front of me and over the Prudential Center was now in back and over me. I waited for the heavy rain to stop and got the tail end of the storm exiting the coastline over Southie.

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August 31 started off quietly as I went about my 6:30am to 2:30pm shift at the Boston Herald. A police scanner call came in late in the morning that would put me on alert. The Everett police dispatcher warned city police units of a bank robbery on Broadway. I headed that way because the a police officer stated that he had spotted the suspect. A foot chase ensued and the man was shot on Tufts Avenue after making a move toward police as he held a knife. Story here.

Everett police officers tend to a man that was just shot by an Everett police officer.

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