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From puddle-jumping in the Back Bay to heavy surf in Winthrop, the last couple of days have been more action packed, weather wise, than the majority of this winter season has. Throw in today’s wind and you get the trifecta. Below are photos I snapped of yesterday’s high tide in Winthrop and rain in Boston, and today’s wind in Boston. 

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Boston police vs Boston fire. Hockey at Frozen Fenway

I photographed at a frozen fenway park today as the Boston police and Boston fire department hockey teams squared off. This was a very good brand of hockey, as both teams have former high school, college and drafted pros on the ranks. The game was cleanly played with Boston’s finest edging out the hosemen. Boston cop Frank St. Peter, in top photo at right, needed a few stitches above his eye after a 2nd period collision. Others in my photos include BPD skaters Jeff Connolly and Charlie Daniels and Boston firefighters, goalie Mike Sweeney and Ryan Maher among others. Last, but of course not least, is retired Boston firefighter/fire investigator Bill Noonan manning the camera in bottom photo.

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Scenes From the Site of Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s Car Crash

I arrived at the scene on Route 190S in Sterling long after authorities had left. I needed several moments, driving up and down the highway, to find the scene. I finally noticed fresh tire tracks leading to a rock wall, which led to an area on the snow that obviously had just supported a rolled over vehicle. From the divots in the dirt and snow, it seemed obvious that the car rolled several times after hitting the rock wall. Since the car was a Ford Crown Victoria, I was not sure that I had the correct accident because it appeared that the tire tracks were from a double wheeled truck. I realized that Tim Murray’s account of the accident had him exiting the road onto the shoulder in a skid. In a skid the left side front and rear tires will make skid marks adjacent to each other, as will the right front and rear tires, so I felt comfortable that this was his tire marks and not, let’s say, the tow truck coming to pick his car up. I saw some objects strewn about at the scene that also piqued  my interest. My photos are below. Herald scribe Chris Cassidy’s story from that day is here.

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