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Winthrop house explosion. Through my lens.

I was on scene moments after the home at 627 Pleasant St. exploded, probably from a natural gas leak. Sherian Hobson, the owner of the house, had recently purchased a new front door for her home. The door was blown onto the front yard. Check out my photos below and Herald scribe Matt Stout’s story here.

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I was on a stakeout for the Herald in Worcester all day and I was hungry at about 6:45am. I plugged in “best breakfast Worcester” into my Blackberry and the Kenmore Diner on Franklin St. popped up. Off I was to grab my veggie omelet. I thought, hey, this area looks familiar. Could it be that this area was the site of the Worcester fire tragedy at the cold storage facility? And then all of a sudden, all the emotions came back, under that damn bridge. They, of course, knocked the building down and for those who do not know, a fire station and a beautiful memorial to the firefighters who died that day has been erected. Below is a photo I snapped a few days after that horrible day as firefighters honored the dead.

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Virgin Atlantic jumbo-jet lands during a pretty Boston sunset.

I shot this Virgin Atlantic Airbus 340 landing during Wednesday’s pretty Boston sunset. I used a Leica M9 and a 35mm summicron lens. 

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Dark smoke from a high-rise roof fire at 1 Memorial Dr. in Cambridge provided some some scary moments to early morning commuters today. The fire was extinguished quickly and no injuries were reported. The morning commute was impacted on Memorial Dr. and the Longfellow Bridge from the 6:20am fire. See more here with the Herald’s Matt Stout.  

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I was driving east on Storrow when I saw this overturned car in the westbound lanes.  A Massachusetts state trooper was rendering aid to the victim, who was laying inside and underneath the rolled vehicle. I parked under the Longfellow bridge and put on a lime green highway vest. News photographers on the highway, in essence, become highway workers so we are told to wear these vests. I crossed Storrow and came to a position at the median strip fence approximately  25 feet from the action. More troopers were arriving and one came over to me and asked what I was doing, etc. I told him that I was a photographer with the Herald and that I would “keep my distance” and not get too close and that I wasn’t going to move forward from my perch standing on the jersey barrier. I noticed the original trooper trying to calm the victim and, at the same time, ascertain what his injuries were. One man who had also stopped to render aid did not approve of my presence and stood in my view between the victim and my camera lens. I had to employ the old bob-and- weave method, all the while hoping that there would be some interaction, maybe a touch, between the two. I kept bobbing and the other by-stander kept weaving, and then it happened. State trooper Kevin Nichols reached out and lightly stroked the man’s leg while saying “hang in there.” It was a nice, subtle moment. I was glad to have captured it. Shortly afterward the Boston fire department took over and extricated the man. All in a day’s work for these officials.

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