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Two Boston firefighters die in Back Bay blaze. My photos.

A very sad day. Here are some scenes that I witnessed today. May firefighters Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy rest in peace. Great job by their fellow firefighters to try and rescue them.
My statement regarding the photo of neighbor Tom Brady watching the fire from rooftop.

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I am catching lots of heat, and agree that a photo I snapped today of New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady watching the tragic #Boston fire that claimed two firefighters lives, should NOT overshadow the tragic circumstances of today. Two Boston firefighters perished today. I was told of the proximity to Brady’s house by our news desk. I already knew he lived there. I looked up and he was there. I made a news photo, doing what I was told. Brady looked very concerned and upset for the firefighters as he was peering down at his neighbors house. I DON’T want this to overshadow what happened there today. 🙁



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Last night’s moon and Jet traffic departing Boston.

I snapped these from #SomeWindowInWinthrop, late last night, as these jets were turning west somewhere near Scituate. The larger plane is UPS Fl 1013 from Boston to Louisville and the smaller plane is SouthWest airlines fl 975 to Baltimore. Both jets took off  over Winthrop but I needed to await that turn.

Mark Edwards/Splash News

Mark Edwards/Splash News

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Air Force One photo sequence flying into Boston

Here is the photo sequence from late afternoon yesterday as Air Force One was on short final approach over South Boston, flying into Boston’s Logan International Airport. I had some folks questioning whether this was real or a photo fake, with the skyline of Boston so close. The one photo in the middle of this sequence was “retweeted” on Twitter several hundred times. It seems people like this amazing airplane, and see it as a source of American pride, as opposed to another divisive political topic. Shot from Deer Island with an 1120mm lens.







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