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My “Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” Fifteen Years On.

Last week signaled the passing of fifteen years since I photographed an Air India 747 passing directly over the former headquarters of the Boston Herald and “through” a winter’s half moon. The photograph was snapped at approximately 3:30pm on January 2, 2001 using one of the first digital cameras that the Herald had, and a 600mm lens with a 2x teleconverter extender. That made the lens a 1200mm F8. The photograph went on the front page of the Herald on January 3rd and the Associated Press picked up and transmitted it worldwide the same day. The next day over 50 newspapers worldwide ran the photo, with the London Independent, The Irish Times and a paper in Hong Kong being some of the many papers who ran it on the front page. It felt great making such a splash and a connection. I started receiving letters from all over the world about the photo. I even received one letter that was delivered to the Herald in an envelope that simply read: To the person who photographed the jet thru the moon, Boston,MA USA. I am still amazed that the letter made it to me. Thanks to the workers at the main post office at Fort Point Channel, Boston for that one. The photo continued on to numerous magazines and many books, 2 of which are seen below. I did not know what airline it was or where it was headed until I received a call from the FAA in Nashua,NH. They asked me what time it was that I photographed it and told me that it was Air India flying from London Heathrow to JFK in NYC. I made lots of friends worldwide. Thanks, as always for being a viewer of my photos and this website.


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