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On the left, Galluccio leaves court on November 20, 2009. On the right, after being released from jail yesterday, July 14, 2010

Hear Galluccio read his statement yesterday here Boston Herald.

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On This Date in My Photo History: July 12, 2007

(071207-Revere,MA) The sand sculptures at Revere Beach frame shadows of the throngs that came at sunset to check out the artwork. This years event is planned for July 14-July 18. Below photos snapped for the Boston Herald.

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On This Date in My Photo History: July 9, 2003

(07/09/03-East Boston, Mass) From left, Lisa Craig and her partner Debbie Riley embrace while talking about the alleged gay bashing incident that landed Lisa in the hospital with over 200 stitches and a blood clot. The July 4th incident at Peers Park happened at the hands of a group of teens. Photographed for the Boston Herald.

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I got to the scene of this fire fairly late due to heavy traffic and then congestion around Beacon Hill. The 2nd alarm was struck as I was arriving. The basement fire would extend to 4-alarms and would also heavily affect the apartments above. I was photographing the firefighting efforts in the front of the building when I noticed the woman below arriving across the street from the fire building to find her upper floor apartment filled with smoke. She naturally became very emotional and that’s when I spotted Boston fire Lt. Tom Murray springing into action to comfort her and explain to her what was going on. She was then escorted to an area where she could have some privacy (away from the press) and then she left. After hours of trying, I never got her name. I wish her the best. Here are three of my photos from today and here is my Herald photo gallery.

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This was the hottest fire that I have ever covered as a news photographer. I arrived at least 3 minutes before the fire department because I spotted the flames while driving near Bunker Hill Community College. I parked so as to not interfere with the apparatus and to not get myself blocked in. The first photo shows the first man that I encountered. He was a passerby who is loudly asking if anyone has called 911. The next photo is of neighbors knocking on the front doors of the affected condos. Please see my Herald photo gallery here.

Boston fire department district chief Steve Paschal yells commands from a smokey 4th floor window as a 4-alarm fire burns at #39 and #41 High Street in Charlestown.

Boston fire department district chief/safety chief Mike Feeley is seen on the roof of #41 High Street in Charlestown. A 4-alarm fire burned at #39 and #41 High Street this afternoon.

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The band, earlier today, used Twitter to announce that they would soon appear at the Prudential Center to give fans a chance to win tickets to tonight’s Lady Gaga and Semi Precious Weapons show at the Garden. The boys hopped off a bus at the Pru and did their thing. I just met and photographed this young lead singer , a real gentleman, and also met their very young and very nice road manager. Good luck to them. See my photo below.

Justin, just moments the Prudential Center.

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