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I had the pleasure of meeting Normand Leveille and his wife Denise after they drove down from their home in Montreal to celebrate the Bruins’ Stanley Cup win. See my photos below. For those that don’t remember Normand, in 1982 at the age of 19 years, he suffered a very serious brain aneurism after a game vs Vancouver. He was in a coma for nearly a month and spent a total of almost 2 months in the hospital. His wife Denise said they both cried while watching the Bruins game 7 victory. Normand, according to Denise, superstitiously stood during the last period of the game, not wanting to sit (see bottom photo e-mailed to me by Denise)  Read more in the Boston Herald.

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I rode in the rolling rally  for the Stanley Cup champion Boston Bruins today. It was fun! Zdeno Chara actually arrived on his bicycle, sans helmet…oops. Please see stories and more photos in the Herald.

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I photographed Zdeno Chara and the Bruins coming back to TD Garden early this morning. Zdeno is a great guy!! Later on in the day, I photographed Andrew Ference with the cup and some friends he invited, on  Zdeno’s North End roof deck. Also in my photos, below, are Brad Marchand and Nathan Horton. What a great group of guys.

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Fire Eats Car During Boston’s Evening Commute

If you were wondering why such a lousy commute tonight, well look no further than this “curiosity factor” smack dab in the middle of the evening commute. I came upon this fully engulfed car fire on the inbound Tobin loop ramp. I leaned out the passenger side window as far as I could and snapped this photo with a 16-35mm zoom.

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My Take, Photographically, on the Sal DiMasi Case.

I had been out there to greet them, every day for the last month. That’s right, when other media types passed on the chance to photograph Sal DiMasi and his wife Deborah arriving at Moakley court for their usual time of between 8:24 and 8:35am, I was there. Sometimes it was quite awkward, as the only people in front of the court  were Sal, Deborah and me. He was always very pleasant, asking how my morning was, and wondering aloud why I was the only photographer here everyday. Today was the day, as he was found guilty on the majority of counts against him. Here are some of my photos from immediately after the verdict, when Sal left court, spoke for a few minutes and then was on his way home. Here is the Herald story.

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Lightning, Wind, Then Police Shootout. Busy Evening…

I was present for, and photographed at, several interesting scenes last evening in the Boston area. First, local high school students participating in yesterday’s “senior skip day” at Revere Beach, had a front row seat to last evening’s lightning storm. Then, the winds blew. A man was knocked off his jet-ski due to those high winds and rescued by a Lynn fire department boat crew as his family waited emotionally on shore. They hugged as he was transported on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Then, Lynn police  reported “shots fired” as heard from my police scanner radio. They had several men that had barricaded themselves inside a Collins St home. I photographed as one man left the building with his hands up. Lynn police ended up shooting two of them, injuring one critically. No further information at this time. Check further updates at Please scroll down for my photos.

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