No Holiday for Boston’s First Responders on Thanksgiving.

As so many families were getting ready to sit with family and feast on all the good things Thanksgiving has to offer, Boston firefighters, EMS and police were responding to a multi-vehicle accident. They eased the pain of a small child, an infant and several adults who were hurt in the late morning accident that occurred near the Broadway bridge. Please see my photos below. In top photo, firefighter Edward Kelly of Ladder 17 is seen calming a young boy. Brian Carey of Rescue 1 holds an infant in the next photo. In the Third photo, an unidentified Boston EMS member holds the same infant. Story here.

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2 Responses to “No Holiday for Boston’s First Responders on Thanksgiving.”

  1. Joe B says:

    Great stuff as usual Mark!

  2. markadmin says:

    Thanks Joe. Have a safe one.