A penny for your thoughts.

Why is it people step over pennies on the street instead of picking them up? A very nice young lady I know is working for the betterment of our military members and their families by participating in “Penny for your Thoughts.” 13 year old Hanna Fitzgerald, below is working on a Summer project to raise money for the military and their families. Hanna is asking you to do two things. First, mail her a penny. Second, share this with your friends on your wall, tweet, email etc. and entice your friends to do the same. Hanna will be attending the last WWII Marine Reunion of the 4th Amphibian Tractors in NJ, October, 2012, and hopes to have reached enough people to reach her goal of $500.00. Why do we leave our pennies at a register because we don’t want to put them in our pockets? Why do we all have pennies lying on our car floors we ignore? Why do we throw pennies in wishing wells and not nickels, dimes or quarters?

             Here’s where you can help. 

Hanna Fitzgerald

PO Box 1172

Sudbury, MA 01776

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