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I snapped these photos tonight starting at 5:41pm. I used an 800mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter.

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He won consecutive Pulitzers in the mid 1970’s while covering the streets as a Boston Herald news photographer. One was awarded for a horrific scene as a fire escape collapsed during a fire rescue in Boston’s Back Bay. The other was awarded for a photo he snapped of Ted Landsmark, an African American man who happened upon an anti busing protest and was assaulted by an American flag-wielding protester. He is now out with a new book, available online or in book form. Before Yellow Tape, A Pulitzer Prize Winner’s Fire Images, is available here.

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Heavy winds after this morning’s snow, then a beautiful, but frigid sunset. The middle photo just about says it all as an Alaska Air jet gets ready for takeoff from an Alaska-like Logan. Please see my photos below.

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It was February 20, 2003. A late Thursday night concert had gone horribly bad in West Warwick,RI. I’m usually a sound sleeper, but for some reason I awoke at 4am that next morning and turned on the television. Horrific images greeted early morning news viewers. I could not believe what was before my eyes. The news reporters, at the early stages of this tragedy, were reporting somewhere in the ballpark of 19 dead, as I remember. Boston Herald staff photographers Matt Stone and Robert Eng had already been down there for many hours. I would soon join them with a bevy of reporters, some who had also been there overnight. Once there, I took up a position where a Rhode Island state trooper told me to go. I was happy to see my friend Curtis Bailey, a WCVB Tv videographer. We were told that the victim count was now at 30. One of the first things that I noticed was the caring response by the fire and police officials who had the grim task of bringing out one, after another of the victims. After each person was carried out, a small semi-circle of officials would huddle and say a prayer. After about 35 of these prayer vigils, I turned to Curtis and said something to the effect of: “Wow, I think that’s more than the 30 or so (victims) that we had thought.” Curtis answered me by saying that his reporter, I believe to have been Amalia Barreda, had said she now heard the count was at a staggering 50. The Station Nightclub fire victim count grew to 100. Below are three of my photos from that morning. Thanks for viewing.

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Photos and video from the very hot fire in Nahant last week.




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Photos of historic Boston snowstorm.

Here, below, is my contribution to a very strong  job of covering the storm by the reporters and photographers at the Boston HeraldLastly, please spread the word regarding cleaning the exhaust pipes of your car before starting the car. The last photo here shows Boston firefighter Steve MacDonald peering into a car where a boy was killed yesterday after being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.

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