A caring Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino takes to the neighborhoods.

After watching Mayor Menino’s announcement that he would not seek a 6th term, I started perusing some of the many photos that I had snapped over the years, of him for the Boston Herald. Earlier today I posted some light-hearted photos and a funny Menino video moment. On a less light-hearted note, here are some Menino moments that moved me. Captions include the 2006 moment he consoled Isaura Mendes shortly after the community anti-violence activist found out that she had lost a second son in 11 years to a shooting, and his annual trip to the Pine St. Inn to carve a Thanksgiving turkey. This time he brought his grandson Will Fenton, age 9 years, and took a “teachable moment” to show him the Inn’s sleeping quarters.

(11/27/08-Boston,MA) Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino, with grandson Will Fenton, age 9 years in tow, visited the Pine Street Inn today to carve some turkey and say hi to the residents.

(03/05/07-Boston,MA) Three speakers wait their turn… Mayor Thomas Menino and Senator John Kerry frame 9 yr old Alexsiana Walker at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. The three joined Senator Ted Kennedy and others at a press conference to call for more federal funding of child health care. ED NOTE little Alexiana is seriously ill with a potential future eyesight loss and her mother lost her employee health care.

(11/03/09-Hyde Park,MA) Mayor Thomas M. Menino, his wife Angela and their granddaughters Samantha and Taylor arrive to vote this morning at the Hemenway School.

(11/04/09-Boston,MA) “Bent But Not Broken” The Morning After Mayor Menino’s 5th victory. Brian Beaton, trash hauler, discarded Menino campaign signs outside of a Southie polling place on Day Boulevard. He commented on how his collections today were almost all Menino signs saying: “He (Menino) doesn’t need his signs anymore but Flaherty will be keeping his, I’m sure”


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