A whirlwind 30 hours: A healing service, a cop’s death, and a huge dragnet.

Wow. Exhale. What a horrible turn of events, with the death, last night of MIT police officer Sean Collier, just several hours after a healing prayer service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross. I photographed the beautiful service as dignitaries and common folks mixed with President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama. I also photographed the huge search for the lone remaining bomber. My shift started at 2am this morning and lasted until 5pm. I had never imagined that such sights were possible in an American town (Watertown). My photo gallery starts with Li Jing, the devastated roommate of Boston Marathon victim Lingzi Lu, as she receives a warm hug from Sister Olga Yaqob at the service, followed by photos of President Barack Obama.  The other photos are of the very tense search, overnight and today, in Watertown. There were many people stopped, some at gunpoint, and later released. There were also evacuation sweeps of homes where residents were escorted out at 5:45am, as heavily armed patrols scoured their street and homes. I snapped these photos on assignment for the Boston Herald. Thank you for viewing.

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