Photographing tonight’s Supermoon, a jet-setting surprise.

I did not go out searching for an airplane flying “through” tonight’s Supermoon, though an airplane found me. I, along with many other Winthrop Beach moon-watchers, were disappointed that it took nearly a half hour after moonrise for the moon to show itself. A deck of clouds and haze blocked the lunar delight until it was quite high in the sky. It was still glowing red, even at that steep height. I was chatting with a nice couple from Arlington when I saw a speck moving from left to right about to “hit” the moon. It was tiny and I could barely make it out. I enlarged it on the back of my camera to see the 5 photo sequence. The moon was still hazy and soft, so the photo is not as sharp as I would have wished for. I was using a Canon 800mm.


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6 Responses to “Photographing tonight’s Supermoon, a jet-setting surprise.”

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    It’s incredible to me what your mind’s eye sees, your camera captures, and how you present it. I was there for one amazing moment when you jumped into action – the result blew my mind. As does this!! Bravo, Garf – you are a talented artist!

  2. Mo says:


  3. markadmin says:

    Thanks Mo_Kelley !

  4. markadmin says:

    Thanks Mary Ellen ! See you guys soon !

  5. christine R. says:

    I also waited with my children and dad and watched that same airplane although it did take so long it was still beautiful, we all released our negative energy to the moon. it was great……thank the lord for the moon Amen.

  6. markadmin says:

    🙂 Thanks for writing Christine.