Jamaica Plain sisters devastated at fiery loss of family home

When Kathleen Kieran arrived at 306 South St., her childhood home that her family has owned for over 50 years, she was overcome with emotion as she walked through the multitudes of Boston firefighters, to a position in the front yard, near the front door. Firefighters, including Lt. Bill Gillis of Engine #14, intercepted her travels and guided her to a safer spot away from heat and smoke. Patricia Adams, Kieran’s sister, who still lives in the home, then took her from the firefighters and guided her toward the back of a Boston EMS truck where the sisters would stay for several minutes as they gathered their thoughts. The four alarm fire that started near the 1pm hour, destroyed the large old building. Firefighters don’t believe the fire to be suspicious. Please see my photos below, and the Boston Herald story, written by Erin Smith, here







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3 Responses to “Jamaica Plain sisters devastated at fiery loss of family home”

  1. mplo says:

    Oh, my god!

    This is horrible! I hope the family is richly recompensed for the loss of their lifetime home, so that they can rebuild it, resume living in it, and that the person responsible for causing the fire goes to jail for negligence and total disregard for human beings and property. The City should put a smoking ban in shared condos/apartment buildings, etc., as well.

  2. Ted McElligott says:

    Good Work,Mark!!!

  3. markadmin says:

    Thanks Ted.