Statement from photographer on photo of Tom Brady watching tragic Back Bay fire.

I am catching lots of heat, and agree that a photo I snapped today of New England Patriots’ Quarterback Tom Brady watching the tragic #Boston fire that claimed two firefighters lives, should NOT overshadow the tragic circumstances of today. Two Boston firefighters perished today. I was told of the proximity to Brady’s house by our news desk. I already knew he lived there. I looked up and he was there. I made a news photo, doing what I was told. Brady looked very concerned and upset for the firefighters as he was peering down at his neighbors house. I DON’T want this to overshadow what happened there today. 🙁



4 Responses to “Statement from photographer on photo of Tom Brady watching tragic Back Bay fire.”

  1. Matt Karolian says:

    No apology needed, you were on the scene doing your job.

  2. Melvin Trefethen says:

    The photo shows that even sports heros know who the true heros are in this world we live in. It show respect for Firefighter Kennedy and Lt. Walsh and all firefighters. It adds to the respect of firefighters deserve, it does not detract from Firefighter Kennedy and Lt Walsh. (Keep saying their names, do not say “the two lost firefighters”.

  3. markadmin says:

    Thanks Melvin for writing. I will say there names, Kennedy and Walsh.

  4. markadmin says:

    Thank you Matt for writing in!