Jimmy Page smiles on a Boston street 19 years after I photographed him at Boston Garden

I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Page today as I photographed him outside of his hotel shortly after he received an honorary┬ádoctoral degree from the Berklee College of Music. I had passed a hotel where I saw a large crowd gathered, so I stopped and inquired what/who they were waiting for. A nice man named Ross came out to greet the crowd. Ross is an associate of Jimmy’s. He told the crowd the crowd rules regarding autographs and photos. There were to be no photos. I took out my Leica camera and left my large and bulky press┬ácameras in my car’s trunk. I explained to Ross that I had no intent on selling the photo, simply I wanted a nice portrait. He went into the hotel and came out and said that it was ok that I snap Jimmy’s photo but that I could only shoot for a few seconds, and that I had to wait in line with the autograph seekers. I got to Jimmy and he smiled broadly and said something to the effect of: oh, I was told (by Ross) about this professional camera and that you must be a professional, ok, just a second. He then went into his pocket and took out his sunglasses and put them on. I shook his hand and thanked him. He continued his infectious smile and was quite at ease. I was not. I confess to being a little nervous, after all, it is not everyday one meets a guitar God. The other photo here is from 1995 when I photographed the Page and Plant concert down the street at the Boston Garden for the Boston Herald.



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2 Responses to “Jimmy Page smiles on a Boston street 19 years after I photographed him at Boston Garden”

  1. Greg says:

    Ross is rock photographer/Page bff Ross Halfin


  2. markadmin says:

    Thank you Greg! I did not know that that man was THE Ross Halfin! I appreciate you writing me.