My Technique/Settings for Shooting Boston’s Lunar Eclipse/Super Blood Moon, 09/28/15.

I shot this, below, a 7 frame multiple exposure of the lunar eclipse, from Memorial Drive in Cambridge. There was no “photoshop” or “stacking” post process. This was an in-camera production.  I used a tripod, a Canon EOS- 1DX camera, a Canon 100-400mm 11 lens, and a Canon 24-105mm lens. I also used a sharpie magic marker and a piece of clear tape, I will explain the tape and marker later. I used the short zoom lens to shoot the skyline. I then used the 100-400mm, at 400mm, to shoot the moon’s phases at roughly 14 minute intervals, by using the Live View function of the camera. That is, I viewed, live, the scene from the large screen on the back of the 1DX. That is how I used the tape and marker to help me line up the moon(s). The moon’s exposures started out at 500asa (iso) at 1/1000th of a second at F5.6-ish, and then I gradually had to compensate for the shadow by giving it some more time, like 1/500th, 1/250th and so on down the line unit a very slow shutter speed was needed to get the red in the last moon. There is some artistic license involved here, i.e the moons are bigger in my photo and lower than one would have seen with the naked eye. My shot appeared in the September 28th edition of the Boston Herald.

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2 Responses to “My Technique/Settings for Shooting Boston’s Lunar Eclipse/Super Blood Moon, 09/28/15.”

  1. JeffinMass says:

    Awesome! job.

  2. markadmin says:

    Thx Jeff