Multiple exposure photography of airliner landing in Boston. How I did it.

I have received questions about my settings for this type of photograph. The first photo, at top, was photographed last night, Sunday October 18, at 6:06pm. It is Aer Lingus flight EIN 139, a Dublin to Boston Airbus A330. I used a Canon camera and a 100-400mm lens at 176mm. Speed was ISO/ASA 1000. Shutter speed 1/400th of a second at F5 aperture.
I set the camera fire 5 bursts on the same frame. A 5 multiple exposure photo, with each snap at 1.2 second intervals. A tripod is a must as the city skyline will actually be photographed 5 separate, and thus has to be lined up the same each time.  
The bottom photo, a 6 image multiple exposure, was snapped on Saturday night at 5:49pm. ISO/ASA 320 with a lens of 200mm. Shutter speed of 1/320th of a second at F5, with a 1.5 second interval between snaps. These photo are a lot of fun, especially when the wind kicked up and the jet lands somewhat sideways.


09/21/2015-Boston,MA. A vigil for the young girl who became know as Baby Doe before being identified as Bella Bond, is underway at Deer Island, near the spot where her lifeless body was found June 25. Staff photo by Mark Garfinkel


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4 Responses to “Multiple exposure photography of airliner landing in Boston. How I did it.”

  1. CRG says:

    So is this one frame that is exposed 5 times? How do you do that in camera? Or is it 5 different frames that are layered in photoshop?

    Thanks for sharing how this is done!

  2. markadmin says:

    Hello. Thanks for writing in. Yes, this is one frame, that never advanced (to the next frame), and exposed 5 times.

  3. Hi Mark;

    I am more than impressed with the results of the multiple exposure.

    Great job!!

  4. markadmin says:

    Thanks Michael! It was great meeting you that day.