Pilot in massive Airbus A380 contacts man who photographed plane over Boston

It is said that inside every aviation enthusiast is a little child. If that’s true then it must also be true that this “child” writer feels how a kid must feel on Christmas morning. Shortly after 4pm yesterday, while I was browsing the internet, I noticed on the website planefinder.net that one of the largest planes in the world, the Airbus A380 passenger jet, was 7 miles high (38,000′) over the Portsmouth,NH area. The British Airways jet was traveling south and radar showed the trip was from London to Miami. This is a normal everyday occurence over Boston, as hundreds and hundreds of flights exit and enter the east coast in this fashion.  The light was nice and the contrails that these planes produce were large and pluming. I setup a tripod in my driveway in Winthrop,MA. and used a Canon EOS 1DX and a Canon 800mm lens with a 1.4 extender. I waited and at 4:13pm the jet showed itself to be over the North Shore of Boston. I took a few photos and was going to pack up when I noticed a smaller passenger plane, a Southwest 737, from BWI-Portland,ME. heading toward the British Airways jet at 28,000′, or 10,000′ below it. They “crossed” over Franklin,MA., roughly 30 miles away from me. I posted the photos on twitter, with the flight numbers, BA209 and SWA3733. These photos got a good response but when I checked twitter a few minutes before bed last night, there was one twitter message that piqued my interest and gave me a big smile. One of the three crew members that was piloting the massive plane tweeted the following messages, below, after he landed in Miami. Also, please continue to scroll down to see my photos, below. If it is said that aviation brings the world together, and Twitter makes the world smaller, then it must also be said that good old-fashioned manners and friendliness make the world a better place. Peace out!




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11 Responses to “Pilot in massive Airbus A380 contacts man who photographed plane over Boston”

  1. JeffinMass says:

    Very cool! Who would have known?

  2. markadmin says:

    I know, Jeff. Cool, huh? Thanks for viewing.

  3. Buck Bartolik says:

    I’m just gonna grab my popcorn and wait for the chemtrail comments. Great shot … of our gummint’s secret agenda!

  4. markadmin says:

    LOL. Buck, you’re great buddy. Thx for writing.

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  6. charlie l. says:

    Great stuff Mark. Nice to have the right equipment, right contacts, and most importantly the knowledge and experience set. Not bad either to have a wife that indulges you what with the space that stuff takes in your house!!!

  7. markadmin says:

    Haha. Thx Charlie. Thanks for writing in, as well.

  8. Navasana says:

    You are one big step ahead getting the photo. Sitting here south of BOS with the flightradar 24 app I could sit all afternoon watching the west bound flights entering US Air space. Get their flight & A/C info. Great entertainment for a flight geek…BOS B6.

  9. markadmin says:

    Awesome, thx for commenting, as well.

  10. Victoria says:

    That is so awesome!!!

  11. markadmin says:

    Hi Vicki. Thanks so much. Hope you’re well.