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There is magic above, just look up. Lot Airlines flight LO26, Warsaw-NYC (JFK), flying at 37,975′ passes United Airlines flight UA999, JFK-Brussels, which is at 34,975′. I photographed this at 7:34pm tonight, from my driveway in Winthrop. Scroll down for the very cool radar readout, courtesy of the very awesome


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Beautiful moon views and lightning bolts highlighted my week of photos.

Moonrise over Falmouth's Nobska Light.

Moonrise over Falmouth’s Nobska Light.


American Airlines jet leaves Boston’s Logan airport as the moon rises.


Lightning over Winthrop’s Point Shirley, Friday night.


A sailboat passes Boston Light.


A lightning bolt is seen over Revere’s Beachmont section.


Boston Light shines Tuesday night.

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Boston fire Lt. Steven Minehan died 22 years ago today.

On June 24, 1994 Boston fire Lieutenant Steven F. Minehan, of Boylston street’s Ladder 15, died in a 9-alarm fire  in Charlestown after he became trapped in a large warehouse while searching for other  firefighters who had become trapped. I had been a staff photographer at the Boston Herald for almost 15 months that night when, police/fire radio scanners broke the silence of what had been a quiet evening. John Landers Jr., then Herald night desk photo editor, and I heard the initial call for help from Minehan as he dispatched me to the scene. Below are my photos from that night and from Lt. Minehan’s funeral. Over the years I have been lucky to be able to call Lt. Minehan’s wife Kathy a friend. She is a very kind and considerate soul. RIP Lt. Minehan. The photo of Lt. Minehan, at bottom of page, is courtesy of Bill Noonan. 

Boston,MA Fire 1994

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Screen Shot 2013-06-24 at 9.20.58 AM

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My Boston brush with The Greatest, Muhammad Ali.

I photographed Muhammad Ali on the night of November 1, 1994, at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel. I met the Boston Herald’s late/great boxing scribe, George Kimball in Ali’s room. His wife Lonnie was there, as was photographer and Ali biographer and confidant Howard Bingham and his mom, Willie, who I photographed hugging Ali. I did NOT know at the time that Howard was an accomplished/award-winning photographer. When it was time to leave, I gave the camera to Howard and told him where the button was to push and that the camera was pre-focussed. Everybody in the room laughed as Howard said: “I think I can handle it” 🙂

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali.


George Kimball with Muhammad Ali, and the Boston Herald sports back page of November 2, 1994.

The champ and I pose for a photo taken by Howard Bingham.

The champ and I pose for a photo taken by Howard Bingham.

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I photographed several Boston storms that day,5 years ago. I did not go out to the hard hit areas of western Massachusetts, but I did see some tremendous lightning. The top two photos were snapped between 9-10pm from Medford. The bottom photo was snapped in the mid-afternoon from East Boston. The Coast Guard station lightning bolt looks totally fake, or “photoshopped.” Lucky for me, I had another camera rolling video (at bottom) of the same strike.

CLICK here for lightning video of same photo

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