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One of the most beautiful Boston sunsets in a long time.

Tonight had it all. A rainbow, over Winthrop, some lightning, some thunderstorm cloud tops that were illuminated by the setting sun. Very cool! Here are some photos I snapped from Winthrop tonight.







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Another day, another beautiful Boston rainbow

I snapped this from our Somerville front porch during a late dinner. I don’t think I have ever seen such a unique sunset. It was beautiful as this JetBlue plane climbed over Somerville after departing Logan.


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I snapped this photo yesterday.


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Rainbow over Charlestown’s Bunker Hill Monument

I snapped this photo of Charlestown’s Bunker Hill Monument during yesterday’s rainbow. I used an old (1955) collapsible 50mm lens, on a Leica M9. Shot from the lower deck of Rt 93.


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A photo of Boston Red Sox shortstops. A little help please.

I snapped the photo in 1995 at the request of Boston Herald baseball guru and all-around nice guy Steve Buckley. I dug up this photo on the occasion of  the 19th anniversary of  John Valentin’s unassisted triple play, actually July 8, 1994. I know it is Rico Petrocelli, Johnny Pesky and, of course John Valentin, but I need some help on the names of the 2nd and 3rd from the right. Thanks all.

pb shortstops

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