Boston Mayor Thomas Menino turned toward his old friend Sal Lamattina, and with glassy eyes, smiled as a room was named in his honor at the grand opening of the new East Boston branch of the public library Saturday.


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Saturday Novermber 2, 2013



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US Coast Guard boat battles heavy wind and surf in Boston Harbor

This USCG vessel was returning to Station Boston after helping the Winthrop Harbormaster with a report of a boat adrift. Friday November 1, 2013


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The visit of the President of the United States, to Boston. October 30, 2013.


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Good morning.


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Fiery Sunrise in Winthrop,MA

A kayaker is framed by yesterday’s sunrise, as I saw it, from Winthrop Shore Dr. in Winthrop,MA


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This photo was snapped from my Winthrop home, out our 3rd floor window, at approximately 7:23pm-ish tonight. Thanks to the internet, one can find out what type of plane, destination, and airline, etc. This is an Atlas Air 747-400. It is going 560mph at 36,000 feet. It is going from JFK-Frankfurt, Germany.


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I was en route from San Francisco to Boston, just about 12 hours ago, when lightning illuminated the skies near Lake Michigan, as I was over Chicago. It was a beautiful scene as the backlit clouds exploded with light, as stars illuminated above. Here are my photos below. The photos were made with a Leica M9 and a 35mm 1.4 lens. The settings were 6 seconds, handheld, at F1.4 at 1250asa.





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South Boston 5-alarm church fire

Here are the very earliest moments of this morning’s big fire at Albanian Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist, as seen from the rear of the building. Not much to say here. I will let my photos do the talking. Check out the Boston Herald for a photo gallery and movie from staffers Jim Mahoney, John Wilcox, and me.









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Other memorable Boston experiences for A-Rod

I have not photographed A-Rod too much for my employer, The Boston Herald, but there are two memorable instances, seen here below.

August 23, 2009- A Newbury St. walk with actress Kate Hudson.


Boston Red Sox supporters tease New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez a day after he was reportedly involved in a scandal allegedly cheating on his wife with a blond exotic dancer/model.


"Masked Fans"

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