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A good 72 hours for #Boston weather photography.

Moons, clouds, rainbows and lightning, oh my, A good few days for capturing the natural, near my home in Winthrop,MA. I even managed to get a British Airways Boeing 777, flying from Newark to London, to cross the moon for me, at 7 miles high :-)






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Happy 35th birthday to Gisele. On July 20, 1980 Gisele Caroline Bundchen was born. She has been the world’s most successful fashion model, an influential businesswoman, a champion of the environment, and more recently, a Bostonian. But on September 21, 2009 I witnessed, and photographed, a more daring side to her, when Gisele, more than 6 months pregnant, took helicopter flying lessons in Marshfield,MA. Her helicopter pilot/instructor is Stuart Matsumoto. Below are my exclusive photos.
Copyright PictureBoston, Copyright Mark Garfinkel

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

gi bw

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Woodland creatures seem to be following me these days.

A racoon in Winthrop, and a family of skunks in Boston


fbskunk 2

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Great weekend for Boston moon/aviation photos!

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday offered great glimpses of the moon as jet traffic flew by. First, Friday, a Swiss International Airbus A-330 cooperated, then Saturday, a departing British Airways Boeing 747 obliged, and then Sunday saw Boeing 737’s from South West and Sun Country. The weekend fun ended shortly before midnight last night, as a privately owned Moroccan jet charter by the name of Dalia Air, flew through at 35,000′.






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The Boston Herald sent me to Boylston St. this morning for a very special event. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, was to dance at the marathon finish line this morning with her partner Shane Crellin, of Carver,MA. The dance was part of a video ad campaign for Oberto Beef Jerky. Here are my photos of the dance as well as a light moment when Adrianne was greeted by a nearby construction crew.






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Waxing Crescent moon over Boston

I get asked sometimes if a photo is “real”, that is, has it been photoshopped, or is the photo a multiple exposure. I do not use those techniques. Sometimes I get asked about the size of the moon, or sun in a certain photo. Why is it so large? Well, usually when I take a photo of the sun or moon, they are usually positioned low to the horizon anyway. When the moon or sun is low to the horizon, they appear bigger to the human eye. Here is a good explanation from the good people at Old Dominion University. The lens one uses also makes the object appear bigger. This photo was snapped using a Canon 100-400mm lens. 1/30th of a second at F5.6 at 5000 ASA (ISO), on December 26, 2014 at 9:49pm. The moon moves fast and is considerably brighter than the city. This city angle is  not as bright as other angles, so my unique problem was to get somewhere in the middle regarding exposure. Give enough to the city in exposure without blowing out the moon. A bonus, especially for Boston, was the nice green tail of the Aer Lingus shamrock, below left. Copies for purchase, of this, and of all my photos, can be found here.


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Memorable, tragic moments from my year in Boston photos, 2014.

From an apartment building fire in Lowell that killed 7, to a Back Bay brownstone that killed two brave firefighters, the tragic moments from my 2014 were plentiful. A Revere tornado in the summer is still causing pain to the  homeless victims. A sunrise shines off of windows on Drydock Ave. There were also happy outcomes, like Sylvie, the Southie Husky who ended up stuck in ice off Castle Island and who was rescued by Boston firefighter Sean Coyle. Many of these photographs were taken during my 6:30am shift for the Boston Herald. There are also some aviation photos here, my passionate pastime. Thanks for viewing and being a friend. Please check out my new website. 



























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24 hours and 5 minutes later…

Yesterday afternoon, at 4:22pm, I photographed British Airways FL BA197, a 747-400, traveling at 500 kts and 38,000 ft above my driveway in Winthrop, Massachusetts, with a Tail # G-CIVW, flying from London to Houston. I used a 1600mm lens on a tripod at 1/640th of a second at F11 at 10,000 ISO (asa). Tonight, 24hrs and 5 minutes later, I photographed the same flight number, this time at 38,000′, and traveling a little slower, at 443 kts. This time I used the photography method called “panning.” I used a tripod, 1600mm lens, and an ISO(ASA) of 1250. My camera settings were  1/15th of a second at F11. The plane was also a 747-400 but the tail # was G-BYGD. It is amazing that tonight’s flight was only 5 minutes later than last night’s, given that this bird is 3300 miles from London. Below top is last night’s flight. Below bottom is tonight’s flight.


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Some fun airplane photos from the past week.

A huge Airbus A380 double-decker airliner 7.2 miles above Boston, a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner gliding into Boston, and another Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing with the Boston skyline in the background, were just some of the fun snaps I took this week.



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I am honored to have been chosen by Donald Winslow, NPPA magazine editor, to be worthy of an article about my position at The Boston Herald,  as “The Last Cruiser.” Thank you NPPA and Herald, and Boston area fire, police and EMS personnel, for all you do. Please NOTE, it appears that the browser FireFox, for some reason, temporarily delays the opening of the following link. Sorry.

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