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Happy 34th birthday to Gisele.  On July 20, 1980 Gisele Caroline Bundchen was born. She has been the world’s most successful fashion model, an influential businesswoman, and a champion of the environment. But on September 21, 2009 I witnessed, and photographed, a more daredevil side to her, when Gisele, more than 5 months pregnant, took helicopter flying lessons in Marshfield,MA. Below are my exclusive photos from that day.

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

Gisele Bundchen takes helicopter lessons

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They’re not supposed to fall from the sky

When I was a child, maybe 9, my parents took my sister and me to Puerto Rico. I remember asking my parents what happens if the plane falls from the sky. The plane, in this case, was an Eastern Airlines Lockheed L-10-11. My dad said, and of course I’m paraphrasing, “they don’t fall from the sky!” We had an uneventful flight to most, but an amazing, creative experience for me, as this was my first flight. That flight got me hooked on planes. That’s right, from constructing model airplanes that next summer, to photographing a 747 flying “through” the moon last week, 40 years later, I had started and followed through with a love affair with all things aviation. When I am photographing these miracles of science at cruising altitude, that is 30-38,000 feet,  or 6 miles up, I always wonder where they are going and what they see looking down at my area as I look up at them. Yesterday, close to three hundred people were blown out of the sky by a missile. Three hundred passengers, including children, possibly on their first flight, ended up in a field, in a tangled mess in a region called Crimea. These planes, no matter what country of origin they have departed from, are secured tighter than a delivery to Fort Knox. The ground crews, security and all others involved in the safety of these planes, from what I have seen over the years, take it extremely seriously to secure the plane before, during, and after flight. That’s why it was so disappointing and sad that some shithead, with an agenda, shot down Malaysia Fl 17 yesterday. In words that might be used by a 9 year old, “what did they do to deserve this?”

A jetliner exits the East Coast of Massachusetts, over Nahant,MA. as the sun sets.

A jetliner exits the East Coast of Massachusetts, over Nahant,MA. as the sun sets.


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I was the first media photographer on the scene of a collision involving two airliners on the taxiway at Logan Airport on July 14, 2011.. I was in South Boston when my car’s police scanner broadcasted the voice of a pilot of a large Delta airliner. His calm voice reported that he believed that his plane had just struck another jet. I sped through the Ted Williams tunnel and up to the roof of the Terminal B parking garage. There it was, in full view, 2 planes, one with a gash through it’s tail.  My photos were picked up worldwide after the Boston Herald’s usage. Here are some of the photos. The first photo was just about 8 minutes after the collision and it shows the larger “offending” jet, at left, although in this photo one cannot see the damage to the larger plane’s left wing tip. In the second photo, the larger jet is being moved, so it’s damaged left winglet is now visible with the mangled tail of the smaller jet. An interesting aside to this is that the larger plane’s winglet is still embedded in the tail section of the smaller plane.



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Photo sequence is of Air France FL 333, a Boeing 747 en route from Boston to Paris. Photos shot with a Canon 800mm F5.6 lens, with a Canon 1DX camera. 1/500th of a second at F8 at 1000asa (ISO). Camera’s mirror was in the lock-up position and camera was on a tripod. As seen from Winthrop,MA., at 9:08pm tonight as the jet climbed out of  4000 feet “through” the full Supermoon.


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When fireworks “hit” the moon, near Boston,MA

Last night’s fireworks over Winthrop,MA were delayed for two nights, due to Hurricane Arthur. This was good luck for me as the moon was positioned perfectly above the fireworks. That would not have happened Friday night. 1/125 of a second at F11 at 100asa (ISO) Handheld lens at 200mm.








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The tale of a Storrow Drive rollover. Photo sequence

I happened upon this accident last night. My photos, of a man positioned next to the car when the troopers arrived, also show the man being asked to walk a straight line by the Massachusetts state police troopers on scene. An account can be found here. This man was eventually cuffed and taken away. This happened last night just prior to 7pm








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I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Page today as I photographed him outside of his hotel shortly after he received an honorary doctoral degree from the Berklee College of Music. I had passed a hotel where I saw a large crowd gathered, so I stopped and inquired what/who they were waiting for. A nice man named Ross came out to greet the crowd. Ross is an associate of Jimmy’s. He told the crowd the crowd rules regarding autographs and photos. There were to be no photos. I took out my Leica camera and left my large and bulky press cameras in my car’s trunk. I explained to Ross that I had no intent on selling the photo, simply I wanted a nice portrait. He went into the hotel and came out and said that it was ok that I snap Jimmy’s photo but that I could only shoot for a few seconds, and that I had to wait in line with the autograph seekers. I got to Jimmy and he smiled broadly and said something to the effect of: oh, I was told (by Ross) about this professional camera and that you must be a professional, ok, just a second. He then went into his pocket and took out his sunglasses and put them on. I shook his hand and thanked him. He continued his infectious smile and was quite at ease. I was not. I confess to being a little nervous, after all, it is not everyday one meets a guitar God. The other photo here is from 1995 when I photographed the Page and Plant concert down the street at the Boston Garden for the Boston Herald.



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Two Boston firefighters die in Back Bay blaze. My photos.

A very sad day. Here are some scenes that I witnessed today. May firefighters Edward Walsh and Michael Kennedy rest in peace. Great job by their fellow firefighters to try and rescue them

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pb032614firemg002 pb032614firemg003 pb032614firemg004 pb032614firemg006 pb032614firemg009 pb032614firemg011 pb032614firemg012

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Last night’s moon and Jet traffic departing Boston.

I snapped these from #SomeWindowInWinthrop, late last night, as these jets were turning west somewhere near Scituate. The larger plane is UPS Fl 1013 from Boston to Louisville and the smaller plane is SouthWest airlines fl 975 to Baltimore. Both jets took off  over Winthrop but I needed to await that turn.

Mark Edwards/Splash News

Mark Edwards/Splash News

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Air Force One photo sequence flying into Boston

Here is the photo sequence from late afternoon yesterday as Air Force One was on short final approach over South Boston, flying into Boston’s Logan International Airport. I had some folks questioning whether this was real or a photo fake, with the skyline of Boston so close. The one photo in the middle of this sequence was “retweeted” on Twitter several hundred times. It seems people like this amazing airplane, and see it as a source of American pride, as opposed to another divisive political topic. Shot from Deer Island with an 1120mm lens.







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