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I had just left one photo assignment and was headed to another when the Inman square branch of the Cambridge Savings Bank was allegedly robbed. The calm and cool Cambridge police dispatcher monitored and broadcasted positions of the perpetrator, aided by a GPS unit that was purportedly placed inside the money bag by the bank. The trail went from the Inman Sq. area toward the Somerville police station where Somerville and Cambridge police stopped MBTA bus #0658 on the 91 Route. There he was, and there I was. See my photos below and Boston Herald colleague Richard Weir’s story here.


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A very long standoff that purportedly involved hostages and explosives, ended last night. I arrived in Portsmouth at approximately 1pm and saw this to fruition. The grand finale photos, if you will, were the first photos that I can ever remember where I did not see the subject for the majority of time. For all you photography fanatics out there, my setting on this surrender photo was: “Film Speed” 3200asa, Shutter Speed 1/20th of a second at F5.6 aperture with a Canon 800mm 5.6 on a tripod. The light that is shining on the suspect is from police and street lights. A Boston Herald photo gallery is seen here.

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