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Boston fire Lt. Steven Minehan died 20 years ago today.

On this date in 1994, Boston fire Lieutenant Steven F. Minehan, of Boylston street’s Ladder 15, died in a 9-alarm fire  in Charlestown, after he became trapped in a large warehouse as he searched for other trapped firefighters. I had been a staff photographer at the Boston Herald for almost 15 months that night when, police scanners broke the silence of what had been a quiet evening. What I heard on the fireground radio was even more disturbing. John Landers Jr., then night desk photo editor, also heard the initial call for help, and he dispatched me to the scene. Below are my photos from that night and from Lt. Minehan’s funeral. Over the years I have been lucky to be able to call Lt. Minehan’s wife Kathy a friend. RIP Lt. Minehan. The photo of Lt. Minehan, at bottom of page, is courtesy of Bill Noonan. 

Boston,MA Fire 1994

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Rainbow over Charlestown’s Bunker Hill Monument

I snapped this photo of Charlestown’s Bunker Hill Monument during yesterday’s rainbow. I used an old (1955) collapsible 50mm lens, on a Leica M9. Shot from the lower deck of Rt 93.


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This was the hottest fire that I have ever covered as a news photographer. I arrived at least 3 minutes before the fire department because I spotted the flames while driving near Bunker Hill Community College. I parked so as to not interfere with the apparatus and to not get myself blocked in. The first photo shows the first man that I encountered. He was a passerby who is loudly asking if anyone has called 911. The next photo is of neighbors knocking on the front doors of the affected condos. Please see my Herald photo gallery here.

Boston fire department district chief Steve Paschal yells commands from a smokey 4th floor window as a 4-alarm fire burns at #39 and #41 High Street in Charlestown.

Boston fire department district chief/safety chief Mike Feeley is seen on the roof of #41 High Street in Charlestown. A 4-alarm fire burned at #39 and #41 High Street this afternoon.

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