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Dog saves family, then is saved by firefighters

Calie, a 7 year old pit bull was called a hero by his owners  Yves Casseus and Wendall Mars, after he would not stop barking as a 3 alarm fire began consuming their Chelsea home. The dog went missing but was found an hour into the fire as the fire continued to roar. The dog was found by Winthrop firefighters searching the 1st floor, and then carried out by Chelsea Duputy Chief Paul J. Eaves.







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Chelsea police officer Paul McCarthy was awarded a medal yesterday for his life saving actions on Saturday, atop the Tobin Bridge, according to the Chelsea police website. A man had allegedly assaulted his wife and was on the run when a Chelsea cop spotted him and initiated a brief pursuit, that ended when the man jumped from the upper deck of the bridge, only to get caught in construction safety netting on the lower deck. Here is my original post, with photos, from the incident. Below are more of my photos of officer McCarthy in action on the Tobin. Photos were snapped during my Saturday shift as a Boston Herald staff photographer.




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South Boston 5-alarm church fire

Here are the very earliest moments of this morning’s big fire at Albanian Orthodox Church of St. John the Baptist, as seen from the rear of the building. Not much to say here. I will let my photos do the talking. Check out the Boston Herald for a photo gallery and movie from staffers Jim Mahoney, John Wilcox, and me.









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When Kathleen Kieran arrived at 306 South St., her childhood home that her family has owned for over 50 years, she was overcome with emotion as she walked through the multitudes of Boston firefighters, to a position in the front yard, near the front door. Firefighters, including Lt. Bill Gillis of Engine #14, intercepted her travels and guided her to a safer spot away from heat and smoke. Patricia Adams, Kieran’s sister, who still lives in the home, then took her from the firefighters and guided her toward the back of a Boston EMS truck where the sisters would stay for several minutes as they gathered their thoughts. The four alarm fire that started near the 1pm hour, destroyed the large old building. Firefighters don’t believe the fire to be suspicious. Please see my photos below, and the Boston Herald story, written by Erin Smith, here







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Photos and video from the very hot fire in Nahant last week.




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I photographed smoke coming out of the cargo hold today as Massport firefighters, with a backup from the Boston Fire department, first investigated and then doused the morning fire. See my photos below of today’s event and also my photos from when the jet experienced happier times at Logan, first in Boeing colors, and then the inaugural flight from Japan. Also check for any updates on the cause, etc.

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I was at the scene today, in Boston’s Fort Point Channel, where a woman somehow ended up in the very chilly water. A Boston police officer jumped into the water, stabilized her, and then waited for Boston firefighters and a police boat to effect a rescue. Boston Herald’s Matt Stout has the story here along with more of my photos and a dramatic video by passerby Hal Munger. Great teamwork by the first responders. A big thanks to Boston Herald director of photography Jim Mahoney who heard the original call and “pushed me gently” to get there. See my photos below as the woman is stabilized and the cold police officer awaits his rescue, on a small wooden pier.

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Busy day for area firefighters.

First, a fire on Glen St. in Somerville  just after 8am, and then an afternoon fire in a home in Newton. The above photo is from Somerville, while the below photos and video link (in red) are from Newton.


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I was on a stakeout for the Herald in Worcester all day and I was hungry at about 6:45am. I plugged in “best breakfast Worcester” into my Blackberry and the Kenmore Diner on Franklin St. popped up. Off I was to grab my veggie omelet. I thought, hey, this area looks familiar. Could it be that this area was the site of the Worcester fire tragedy at the cold storage facility? And then all of a sudden, all the emotions came back, under that damn bridge. They, of course, knocked the building down and for those who do not know, a fire station and a beautiful memorial to the firefighters who died that day has been erected. Below is a photo I snapped a few days after that horrible day as firefighters honored the dead.

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Dark smoke from a high-rise roof fire at 1 Memorial Dr. in Cambridge provided some some scary moments to early morning commuters today. The fire was extinguished quickly and no injuries were reported. The morning commute was impacted on Memorial Dr. and the Longfellow Bridge from the 6:20am fire. See more here with the Herald’s Matt Stout.  

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