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Photo sequence is of Air France FL 333, a Boeing 747 en route from Boston to Paris. Photos shot with a Canon 800mm F5.6 lens, with a Canon 1DX camera. 1/500th of a second at F8 at 1000asa (ISO). Camera’s mirror was in the lock-up position and camera was on a tripod. As seen from Winthrop,MA., at 9:08pm tonight as the jet climbed out of ¬†4000 feet “through” the full Supermoon.


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I snapped these photos tonight starting at 5:41pm. I used an 800mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter.

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Dear Mr. Branson, tonight one of your airplanes rudely got in the way of a photograph I was snapping of a near full moon in Boston. Virgin Atlantic flight 12, to be exact, was the culprit. This injustice happened just a few minutes ago. As the CEO of this airline I was hoping you could right this wrong. You understand how certain things can go awry when it’s not your own fault. Maybe a roundtrip freebie to London for my wife and I in exchange for some usage rights for this photo.¬†After all, you are a reasonable man. I know that you, like me, also have a passion for the moon.
Thank you, Mark Garfinkel

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Here is my photo of Last week’s full moon and a photo, snapped today, of a Back Bay construction team readying for the day ahead. How DO they enter that outhouse?

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