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A good 72 hours for #Boston weather photography.

Moons, clouds, rainbows and lightning, oh my, A good few days for capturing the natural, near my home in Winthrop,MA. I even managed to get a British Airways Boeing 777, flying from Newark to London, to cross the moon for me, at 7 miles high :-)






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I was en route from San Francisco to Boston, just about 12 hours ago, when lightning illuminated the skies near Lake Michigan, as I was over Chicago. It was a beautiful scene as the backlit clouds exploded with light, as stars illuminated above. Here are my photos below. The photos were made with a Leica M9 and a 35mm 1.4 lens. The settings were 6 seconds, handheld, at F1.4 at 1250asa.





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Lightning flies above Boston’s Logan airport

Lightning, associated with a line of heavy thunderstorms, briefly delayed some flights tonight at Logan airport. The arrivals and departures used many different runway configurations to avoid flying into the storms. Here are four photos where lightning is seen in the same photo as an airplane, from varying distances.





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Lightning strikes over Salem,MA this evening.

I was not fully prepared to photograph this storm as I did not have all of my camera gear with me.

This was photographed with a Leica M9 and a 35mm lens, hand-held at 1/125th of a second at F11 at 80 ISO.

The lightning is NOT striking near the building. That speck near the bolt is a bird.

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Lightning Strikes Near Departing Boston Airliner.

I photographed this departing airliner as lightning struck in front and to the west of it today. A fierce explosion of lightning bolts lit up the dark afternoon sky above eastern Massachusetts. See this in Saturday’s Herald.

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I snapped this photo early this evening from Revere’s Beachmont section. Today’s storms were very hard to judge, photographically speaking. The first lightning event popped up pretty fast from the persistent dark cloud bank that was hanging to our west most of the day. I was in the Point Shirley section of Winthrop waiting and waiting for the storms to form. Unfortunately the lightning, after only a few dull and distant bolts, became quite fierce directly overhead. So it was a bit too dangerous for me to set up outside. Thankfully, storm after lightning producing storm continued to form and move east. Sadly, this was the only success I had all day. Funny, with the whole debt crisis bill being passed today, I think maybe it’s an appropriate photo, maybe a hopeful photo. That is, Old Glory standing proud in the face of a dangerous storm. Let’s hope!!

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Lightning, Wind, Then Police Shootout. Busy Evening…

I was present for, and photographed at, several interesting scenes last evening in the Boston area. First, local high school students participating in yesterday’s “senior skip day” at Revere Beach, had a front row seat to last evening’s lightning storm. Then, the winds blew. A man was knocked off his jet-ski due to those high winds and rescued by a Lynn fire department boat crew as his family waited emotionally on shore. They hugged as he was transported on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Then, Lynn police ┬áreported “shots fired” as heard from my police scanner radio. They had several men that had barricaded themselves inside a Collins St home. I photographed as one man left the building with his hands up. Lynn police ended up shooting two of them, injuring one critically. No further information at this time. Check further updates at Please scroll down for my photos.

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I photographed several Boston storms today. I did not go out to the hard hit areas of western Massachusetts, but I did see some tremendous lightning. The top two photos were snapped between 9-10pm from Medford. The bottom photo was snapped in the mid-afternoon from East Boston. The Coast Guard station lightning bolt looks totally fake, or “photoshopped.” Lucky for me, I had another camera rolling video (at bottom) of the same “fake” strike. See at least some of these in Thursday’s Boston Herald.

CLICK here for lightning video of same photo

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A Photo of Today’s Lightning in Boston.

Here is the only photo that I was able to pull out from this morning’s violent lightning storm. I ran to the Herald roof after leaving the photo desk, as I was a fill-in assignment editor today. The storm seemed to be a safe distance away so that I would not be in any danger up there. All of a sudden the lightning that had been in front of me and over the Prudential Center was now in back and over me. I waited for the heavy rain to stop and got the tail end of the storm exiting the coastline over Southie.

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This moment was around 9:30pm tonight. A strong bolt, but I wish my foreground was a bit more interesting. Maybe next time…

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