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Photo sequence is of Air France FL 333, a Boeing 747 en route from Boston to Paris. Photos shot with a Canon 800mm F5.6 lens, with a Canon 1DX camera. 1/500th of a second at F8 at 1000asa (ISO). Camera’s mirror was in the lock-up position and camera was on a tripod. As seen from Winthrop,MA., at 9:08pm tonight as the jet climbed out of  4000 feet “through” the full Supermoon.


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When fireworks “hit” the moon, near Boston,MA

Last night’s fireworks over Winthrop,MA were delayed for two nights, due to Hurricane Arthur. This was good luck for me as the moon was positioned perfectly above the fireworks. That would not have happened Friday night. 1/125 of a second at F11 at 100asa (ISO) Handheld lens at 200mm.








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I snapped this photo of the wife of James B. Carver, the man who was found guilty at the moment this photo was taken, November 1989. The 1984 Beverly rooming house fire killed 15 residents, making him at that time the perpetrator of the deadliest arson fire in Massachusetts history. As guilty verdicts were read Carver wept. Mary Carver, below, exploded, saying: “He didn’t do it! No!” as she collapsed to her knees screaming.

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The visit of the President of the United States, to Boston. October 30, 2013.


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Good morning.


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Fiery Sunrise in Winthrop,MA

A kayaker is framed by yesterday’s sunrise, as I saw it, from Winthrop Shore Dr. in Winthrop,MA


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Maureen O’Neill, friend, cancer victim and Hospice of the North Shore patient, died 10 years ago today, on May 9, 2003. In January 2003 I contacted the Hospice of the North Shore in Danvers about the possibility of following the trials and tribulations of a patient from their hospice. They  introduced me to Danvers resident Maureen O’Neill. I spent the majority of my time with Maureen, at her house and beyond, from the time she returned home from Salem Hospital to the moment of her death. I often think about the first time I met Maureen. In order for this project to go forward, Maureen insisted on meeting with me first and seeing some of my photography work. I brought my photo portfolio to Salem Hospital, just a few days before she was to be released to the peaceful confines of her home. Maureen chose to bypass chemotherapy to die at home with her 92 year old mother at her side.  One of the first photos in that photo portfolio was a mother duckling and her babies crossing a busy street in Waltham. Maureen loved the photo as she was a huge bird lover. We hit it off from that moment forward. The following photos are dedicated to Maureen’s loyal friends and family, the Hospice of the North Shore, and most of all, to Maureen.


Cancer victim Maureen O’Neill, wishing to die at home with her mother, returns home from the hospital after realizing Chemotherapy was not going to work against her cancer.

“Don’t worry Mum, we will get thru this” Maureen O’Neill (above) returns from the hospital greeted by her 92 yr old mother Ann

Maureen O’Neill shares a laugh with Hospice Nurse Ann-Marie DePaolo and mom Ann.

After a difficult morning, Maureen O’Neill is instructed on her medicine usage by Hospice Nurse Ann-Marie DePaolo.

Maureen O’Neill sits on her Mom’s bed as she talks about her family.

Maureen O’Neill celebrates what would be her last birthday, her 63rd, with Josh, her friend’s grandson.

A tired Maureen O’Neill is watched over by her mom Ann.

As friend Bob Supino places one hand on Maureen’s forehead and one hand on her pulse, Maureen O’Neill dies in her Danver’s living room with best friend Glenda, mother Ann and Hospice Nurse Ann-Marie DePaolo at her side.

Maureen O’Neill is laid to rest in her lifelong home of Danvers, Massachusetts

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I took a position on a bridge over Route 93N on the Stoneham/Winchester line as what seemed to be 100 police cars escorted the hearse carrying MIT police officer Sean Collier. Here are my photos and please check out the Boston Herald on Sunday for much more information.

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I photographed smoke coming out of the cargo hold today as Massport firefighters, with a backup from the Boston Fire department, first investigated and then doused the morning fire. See my photos below of today’s event and also my photos from when the jet experienced happier times at Logan, first in Boeing colors, and then the inaugural flight from Japan. Also check for any updates on the cause, etc.

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Somerville firefighters climb to a Christmas Eve highway crash.

I photographed this unique scene just before noon today as Somerville firefighters, already below Route 93N for a rollover accident on Mystic Ave., heard this one above them and raised their ladder to access the one car crash. Non life-threatening injuries on both accidents were reported.

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