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Pictureboston returns after brief hiatus

It has been a busy several weeks of the new year since my father, Robert Garfinkel, passed away on January 14. He was a great guy and he, along with my mother, sister and wife Laura Crimaldi, have always been very supportive of my photo work. Animal rescues, and animal’s in winter scenes, have dominated my photo work so far this year. Boston firefighter Sean Coyle rescuing a Husky that was stuck on the ice at Southie’s Sugar Bowl, a dog enjoying a Back Bay snowman, and Framingham firefighters helping to save several cows after a barn collapse, have been my highlights so far. Thanks, as always, for your support.














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Bobby Orr flies again!

Rarely does a city embrace an athlete the way Boston embraced Bobby Orr. I snapped this photo today while working at the Boston Herald, and my phone and twitter account have not stopped ringing since. I certainly know that I have not snapped an award-winning photograph here, rather an everyday, run-of-the-mill photo. The response to the photo is a testament to the power of the relationship between Orr and the city that still loves him. 

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Photos of historic Boston snowstorm.

Here, below, is my contribution to a very strong  job of covering the storm by the reporters and photographers at the Boston HeraldLastly, please spread the word regarding cleaning the exhaust pipes of your car before starting the car. The last photo here shows Boston firefighter Steve MacDonald peering into a car where a boy was killed yesterday after being overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.

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