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Photo sequence is of Air France FL 333, a Boeing 747 en route from Boston to Paris. Photos shot with a Canon 800mm F5.6 lens, with a Canon 1DX camera. 1/500th of a second at F8 at 1000asa (ISO). Camera’s mirror was in the lock-up position and camera was on a tripod. As seen from Winthrop,MA., at 9:08pm tonight as the jet climbed out of  4000 feet “through” the full Supermoon.


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Photographing tonight’s Supermoon, a jet-setting surprise.

I did not go out searching for an airplane flying “through” tonight’s Supermoon, though an airplane found me. I, along with many other Winthrop Beach moon-watchers, were disappointed that it took nearly a half hour after moonrise for the moon to show itself. A deck of clouds and haze blocked the lunar delight until it was quite high in the sky. It was still glowing red, even at that steep height. I was chatting with a nice couple from Arlington when I saw a speck moving from left to right about to “hit” the moon. It was tiny and I could barely make it out. I enlarged it on the back of my camera to see the 5 photo sequence. The moon was still hazy and soft, so the photo is not as sharp as I would have wished for. I was using a Canon 800mm.


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The moon rose tonight at 8:53pm. This was photographed at 9:17pm as a departing  jet from Logan took off  from runway 15 (its back to Eastie and its front pointing toward Hull) I was in a parking garage in Medford’s Wellington Circle. The moon was very yellow and reddish. My camera was set at 2500 asa/iso, and my settings were 1/160th of a second at F8. I used an 800mm lens with a 1.4x extender, making the lens a whopping 1120mm. I used a Canon EOS 1D Mark 111. The photo at the bottom was a “just missed” a few minutes before the “hit.” The problems I encountered led to a soft photo, that is, not as sharp as one would hope. When the moon is so “young” in its infancy, there is a lot of moisture and earth pollution in between it and my lens. Also, the jet is moving very fast and I am only at 1/160th of a second due to the limitations of such a large lens. All in all I was happy to have watched this. 

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Boston man captures image of Playboy bunny in Supermoon.

There it is. Captured at 10:25pm, just a few short minutes ago. No photoshop, no trickery. Persistent low clouds over Boston, passing in front of the moon at a high rate of speed, somehow produced this photo. Stop the damn presses :-)

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