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A tennis passing of local interest

I apologize for being late with this. Last week I received a call from a relative of an elderly tennis champ that I had photographed in 2002. She had said that her 102 year old relative Dan Bushnell had passed away in March and that she was interested in obtaining a print of the photo that I had snapped. Dan was a tennis champion well into his 90’s. He was 91 when I photographed him competing against a 90 year old at Longwood in Chestnut Hill. Here is the original caption from that day.  Sr. Tennis player Dan Bushnell, age 91 of Massachusetts at right, congratulates Albert Gaskill age 90 yrs 10 months, of North Carolina, who Bushnell called “Young Fella” after Gaskill beat him in the semi-finals at Brookline,MA. Here is Dan’s obituary.


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