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Left on the cutting room floor. Home for unwanted photos.

Every day I snap photos that, for some reason or another, don’t see the light of day regarding being published. They may not be strong enough in the quality department, or they just might not be relevant. Some photos, like the dog in traffic being “chauffeured” in a bright red car, the American flag in Winthrop, or these airplanes on a cloudy day were shot either en route to photo assignments or with no intention of having them published. The helicopter from the North Andover Flight Academy, happened to be flying at sunset over my Somerville neighborhood. I was fascinated at how my lens was able to magnify these two passengers so powerfully. The photo of the old man talking to Boston police East Boston district Captain Kelley McCormick has a funny story to it, in an otherwise sad event. This photo was snapped this morning at the homicide of a man on Chelsea St. in Eastie. This man, in his nineties, would not give me his name. Instead, he gave me a good laugh, which I will explain at the end. The photo shows him arriving to his house, which is next to the murder scene. He is very concerned about what is happening, as he has just stumbled upon the goings-on next door. Captain McCormick gently tells him what has happened and where he can and cannot proceed to. I approached him for his name and to find out if he knew anything or anyone regarding the crime. He said no, but motioned me to come closer so that he could whisper something in my ear. I came closer and put my ear to near his mouth and he said, “closer”, so I went closer. He then said, referring to the crime: “I did it.” He was great. He had a smile from ear to ear. Thanks for reading.

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Here is my photo of Last week’s full moon and a photo, snapped today, of a Back Bay construction team readying for the day ahead. How DO they enter that outhouse?

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Old Glory and Today’s Lightning Storms, From Revere Beach.

I snapped this photo early this evening from Revere’s Beachmont section. Today’s storms were very hard to judge, photographically speaking. The first lightning event popped up pretty fast from the persistent dark cloud bank that was hanging to our west most of the day. I was in the Point Shirley section of Winthrop waiting and waiting for the storms to form. Unfortunately the lightning, after only a few dull and distant bolts, became quite fierce directly overhead. So it was a bit too dangerous for me to set up outside. Thankfully, storm after lightning producing storm continued to form and move east. Sadly, this was the only success I had all day. Funny, with the whole debt crisis bill being passed today, I think maybe it’s an appropriate photo, maybe a hopeful photo. That is, Old Glory standing proud in the face of a dangerous storm. Let’s hope!!

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