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The Boston Herald sent me to Boylston St. this morning for a very special event. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, Boston Marathon bombing survivor, was to dance at the marathon finish line this morning with her partner Shane Crellin, of Carver,MA. The dance was part of a video ad campaign for Oberto Beef Jerky. Here are my photos of the dance as well as a light moment when Adrianne was greeted by a nearby construction crew.






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Who knew that this SWAT crew from the Transit Police, just hours after these photos were snapped, was going to make one of the biggest arrests in Massachusetts history? Here they are clearing houses on Laurel St. in the early morning hours of April 19.

Peter Reed, a Laurel St. Watertown resident, moves away from his house as police SWAT teams evacuated residents and searched for one of two suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

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