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Could this be the last photo snapped of James “Whitey” Bulger?

As a Plymouth County sheriff’s vehicle pulled into the bowels of the Moakley Federal Courthouse on June 5, a shadowy figure took form for a split second as the dark, heavily tinted windows that kept him from view were suddenly bombarded with bright, early morning backlight. The backlit shaft of bright light was emanating from the waters of Boston Harbor. Using a Canon 800mm lens, I was able to fire off 4 photos in less than a second, then he was gone, disappearing into the blackness of the window tint. When I shot this I did not think, as I do now, that this would be the last shot I got of Mr. Bulger. Law enforcement personnel have taken steps to insure that he will not be visible again. The first, and most important step taken, is to drive him into a garage door closer to the water and more distance from the photographers, insuring that the shaft of backlight, that I mention above, does not line up with Bulger and the car windows. The second step is that the current vehicle  they are using, for Whitey’s transport, has darker window tint. Please see my photo below and catch’s continuous coverage of this fascinating trial.


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