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A tennis passing of local interest

I apologize for being late with this. Last week I received a call from a relative of an elderly tennis champ that I had photographed in 2002. She had said that her 102 year old relative Dan Bushnell had passed away in March and that she was interested in obtaining a print of the photo that I had snapped. Dan was a tennis champion well into his 90’s. He was 91 when I photographed him competing against a 90 year old at Longwood in Chestnut Hill. Here is the original caption from that day.  Sr. Tennis player Dan Bushnell, age 91 of Massachusetts at right, congratulates Albert Gaskill age 90 yrs 10 months, of North Carolina, who Bushnell called “Young Fella” after Gaskill beat him in the semi-finals at Brookline,MA. Here is Dan’s obituary.


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I found these guys flying over Larz Anderson yesterday morning and this Hawk dive bombing, and missing, a duck.

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Photo sequence of Brookline bear falling from tree.

I never thought that I would photograph, let alone see, a bear in Brookline, but I did both today. I had just left the Boston Herald en route  to a 7:30am assignment to photograph Bobby Valentine and Doc Rivers at Fenway Park. I aborted that when I received a tip about a bear being cornered up in a tree in Brookline. I was aware of this bear because of the many sightings from last night. My plan before the tip was to shoot the assignment at Fenway and then drive toward Brookline and see if there were any more sightings. Anyway, I steamed toward Brookline, got myself steady after a harrowing commute, and tried to get a good angle on this animal. I was very luck to see Mrs. “L”,  a friend who’s tree was where the bear was resting. I watched as Brookline and Massachusetts Environmental police  weighed their options. They raised a bucket truck with an officer armed with a tranquilizer gun, while on the ground another officer took a different angle. One yellow dart entered the back of the animal, as seen in the bottom photo of both the bear and the armed officer. The officer positioned on the ground was the one who shot the bear. Unfortunately the bear then scampered up the tree to a position approximately 85-100 feet aloft. After several minutes the tranquilizer worked and the groggy bear fell. Mrs. “L” and I both gasped. She was very emotional as it appeared that there would be no chance of survival from that height. The bear crashed through smaller branches as if they were twigs, en route down. We were told by officials that the bear looked to be not injured seriously. Read more at


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At the Brookline birthplace of our nation’s only Catholic president, Father Brian Clary of ST. Mary of the Assumption Church sprinkled holy water to commemorate the 48th anniversary of the killing of President John F. Kennedy. The staff of JFK’s birthplace, including National Park Servicemen Jim Roberts and Patrick Franzen, laid a wreath at the Beals Street home. Please see my photos of yesterday’s ceremony below.

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It was felt in Washington DC, New York City and here in Boston. I bet the outdoor temperature was the same, or off by a degree or two. The sky was the same deep blue. There was the same rush to make a cell phone call. As we approach the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attacks, this natural occurring event brought back, vividly, the memories of that awful day. No disrespect meant whatsoever to the 2977 heroes that died on that day. This comparison is only in feeling, and not in emotion, etc.  I did not feel the earth shake today when my Boston Herald photo editor diverted me from a regularly scheduled photo assignment. I was to go to Brookline where there were three Beacon street buildings that were being evacuated due to structural concerns. In the moments after the 2001 attacks, I was also sent onto the streets to photograph shocked people. I would eventually make my way through 2 hours of traffic to get from Boston’s South End to Logan, to cover that end of that horrible new event. Today’s photos were thankfully less pain-filled. The photos of Beacon St. from today are seen below.  Catch more on

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On This Date in My Photo History: May 11, 2008

Turkeys Invade Brookline, yet again!

(05/11/08-Brookline,MA) “Turkey Trot”- Chances are that cabbie Jim Moynihan has seen alot of fares that turned out to be turkeys in his 38 years driving his cab….however, this morning brought a whole new meaning to that as Jim stopped to spy this wild turkey at the corner of Longwood ave and the Riverway. Photographed on assignment for the Boston Herald.

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