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I have received a ton of interest in this photo. Kind of a funny moment in 1997, as New England Patriots’ owner Robert Kraft drives then head-coach-seeking Bill Belichick away from a hoard of waiting media members.
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Somerville firefighters climb to a Christmas Eve highway crash.

I photographed this unique scene just before noon today as Somerville firefighters, already below Route 93N for a rollover accident on Mystic Ave., heard this one above them and raised their ladder to access the one car crash. Non life-threatening injuries on both accidents were reported.

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Loyal dog found 1 mile from crash, reunited with injured driver.

Jim Squires and his dog Timber were exiting Route 1 South onto Chelsea’s Carter St. off ramp when a car, being chased by Saugus police and others, crashed into him. His pickup truck rolled over. He crawled from the wreck with only minor cuts but noticed his dog was gone, last seen scampering down the Carter St. ramp. Police officers at the wreck were seen looking over the elevated ramp for any signs of the dog. I was positioned on the ramp with my cameras also. One mile away and 55 minutes later a resident of the Prattville section of Chelsea called police to report a strange dog acting “scared.” I left the wreck and drove to Jones Ave. after hearing police scanner transmissions about the dog. I arrived to find crash victim Jim Squires carrying his dog to a waiting police car. Squires, a strapping off duty Hampton, NH firefighter/paramedic was still bleeding from his head as he held tight to the scared Golden Retriever. Back at the scene investigating officers were mopping up the area where 2 people, in the fleeing car, were arrested and a total of 3 people were injured. Traffic in the area was tied up for a couple of hours. Read more in todays Boston Herald.

Chelsea police start the search for Timber, a dog that ran away from a rolled over pickup truck.

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I was driving east on Storrow when I saw this overturned car in the westbound lanes.  A Massachusetts state trooper was rendering aid to the victim, who was laying inside and underneath the rolled vehicle. I parked under the Longfellow bridge and put on a lime green highway vest. News photographers on the highway, in essence, become highway workers so we are told to wear these vests. I crossed Storrow and came to a position at the median strip fence approximately  25 feet from the action. More troopers were arriving and one came over to me and asked what I was doing, etc. I told him that I was a photographer with the Herald and that I would “keep my distance” and not get too close and that I wasn’t going to move forward from my perch standing on the jersey barrier. I noticed the original trooper trying to calm the victim and, at the same time, ascertain what his injuries were. One man who had also stopped to render aid did not approve of my presence and stood in my view between the victim and my camera lens. I had to employ the old bob-and- weave method, all the while hoping that there would be some interaction, maybe a touch, between the two. I kept bobbing and the other by-stander kept weaving, and then it happened. State trooper Kevin Nichols reached out and lightly stroked the man’s leg while saying “hang in there.” It was a nice, subtle moment. I was glad to have captured it. Shortly afterward the Boston fire department took over and extricated the man. All in a day’s work for these officials.

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Scenes From the Site of Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s Car Crash

I arrived at the scene on Route 190S in Sterling long after authorities had left. I needed several moments, driving up and down the highway, to find the scene. I finally noticed fresh tire tracks leading to a rock wall, which led to an area on the snow that obviously had just supported a rolled over vehicle. From the divots in the dirt and snow, it seemed obvious that the car rolled several times after hitting the rock wall. Since the car was a Ford Crown Victoria, I was not sure that I had the correct accident because it appeared that the tire tracks were from a double wheeled truck. I realized that Tim Murray’s account of the accident had him exiting the road onto the shoulder in a skid. In a skid the left side front and rear tires will make skid marks adjacent to each other, as will the right front and rear tires, so I felt comfortable that this was his tire marks and not, let’s say, the tow truck coming to pick his car up. I saw some objects strewn about at the scene that also piqued  my interest. My photos are below. Herald scribe Chris Cassidy’s story from that day is here.

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Arsonist on the Loose in Boston’s Allston Section

I was photographing the 2nd of 3 deliberately set fires in the Pratt street area of Allston when neighbors pointed firefighters toward another fire that was burning. I ran with the firefighters, the arson squad and Boston police arson detective James Freeman toward the rear of an Ashford street home. Heavy fire was pushing out from the car and starting to ignite the shingles on the side of the structure. My photos below show Detective James Freeman and firefighters stretching hoses to the fire. The last photo shows Jeff Intinarelli, as he checks his totaled, still smoldering car. In all, this morning’s 3 arson fires destroyed a total of 5 cars. This makes a total of 8 deliberate burns in the span of 7 weeks in this small area of Allston. Over 10 cars have been destroyed. Check out my photos and Herald reporter John Zaremba’s story at

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