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Naked Guy Seen Down By the Banks of the River Charles.

I photographed this man who, according to a Cambridge police dispatcher’s radio transmission, stripped and jumped into the water from near the intersection of the Mass. Ave.  bridge and Memorial Drive. I caught up with him on the Storrow Drive side where Massachusetts state police troopers were waiting for him.

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I snapped these photos in Cambridge at last night’s M.I.T Festival for Art Science and Technology “FAST light” celebration. Some of the students showed off their impressive  computer and light laser skills and knowledge as they illuminated parts of Boston’s Charles River and parts of the M.I.T campus. The festival ends tonight. Go have a look. It was very fun.

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The Wayward Coyote on the Frozen Charles.

Here is a small selection of the many photos I snapped today of the coyote who found him or herself  on the frozen Charles River during today’s snowstorm. More photos can be seen here, in the Boston Herald story by clicking the link “Photo Gallery.” Bill Tanguay, an animal technician at the Animal Rescue League of Boston donned a survival suit and hopped on into the Charles. Once the would be rescuer neared the animal, the coyote took off into the middle of the Charles and  was caught a little later.

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