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Scenes From the Site of Lt. Governor Tim Murray’s Car Crash

I arrived at the scene on Route 190S in Sterling long after authorities had left. I needed several moments, driving up and down the highway, to find the scene. I finally noticed fresh tire tracks leading to a rock wall, which led to an area on the snow that obviously had just supported a rolled over vehicle. From the divots in the dirt and snow, it seemed obvious that the car rolled several times after hitting the rock wall. Since the car was a Ford Crown Victoria, I was not sure that I had the correct accident because it appeared that the tire tracks were from a double wheeled truck. I realized that Tim Murray’s account of the accident had him exiting the road onto the shoulder in a skid. In a skid the left side front and rear tires will make skid marks adjacent to each other, as will the right front and rear tires, so I felt comfortable that this was his tire marks and not, let’s say, the tow truck coming to pick his car up. I saw some objects strewn about at the scene that also piqued  my interest. My photos are below. Herald scribe Chris Cassidy’s story from that day is here.

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