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Dog saves family, then is saved by firefighters

Calie, a 7 year old pit bull was called a hero by his owners  Yves Casseus and Wendall Mars, after he would not stop barking as a 3 alarm fire began consuming their Chelsea home. The dog went missing but was found an hour into the fire as the fire continued to roar. The dog was found by Winthrop firefighters searching the 1st floor, and then carried out by Chelsea Duputy Chief Paul J. Eaves.







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Pictureboston returns after brief hiatus

It has been a busy several weeks of the new year since my father, Robert Garfinkel, passed away on January 14. He was a great guy and he, along with my mother, sister and wife Laura Crimaldi, have always been very supportive of my photo work. Animal rescues, and animal’s in winter scenes, have dominated my photo work so far this year. Boston firefighter Sean Coyle rescuing a Husky that was stuck on the ice at Southie’s Sugar Bowl, a dog enjoying a Back Bay snowman, and Framingham firefighters helping to save several cows after a barn collapse, have been my highlights so far. Thanks, as always, for your support.














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Waltham firefighters along with Animal Rescue League personnel rescued a deer from the ice on that city’s Cambridge Reservoir. The deer had to be put down later in the day. That follows an unsuccessful attempt yesterday by North Shore firefighters, led by the Swampscott Fire Department, to rescue a dog at a house fire in that town. Both were dangerous and valiant efforts, that I witnessed. See my photos below.

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Loyal dog found 1 mile from crash, reunited with injured driver.

Jim Squires and his dog Timber were exiting Route 1 South onto Chelsea’s Carter St. off ramp when a car, being chased by Saugus police and others, crashed into him. His pickup truck rolled over. He crawled from the wreck with only minor cuts but noticed his dog was gone, last seen scampering down the Carter St. ramp. Police officers at the wreck were seen looking over the elevated ramp for any signs of the dog. I was positioned on the ramp with my cameras also. One mile away and 55 minutes later a resident of the Prattville section of Chelsea called police to report a strange dog acting “scared.” I left the wreck and drove to Jones Ave. after hearing police scanner transmissions about the dog. I arrived to find crash victim Jim Squires carrying his dog to a waiting police car. Squires, a strapping off duty Hampton, NH firefighter/paramedic was still bleeding from his head as he held tight to the scared Golden Retriever. Back at the scene investigating officers were mopping up the area where 2 people, in the fleeing car, were arrested and a total of 3 people were injured. Traffic in the area was tied up for a couple of hours. Read more in todays Boston Herald.

Chelsea police start the search for Timber, a dog that ran away from a rolled over pickup truck.

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I spotted Gisele, baby Ben, Vida and Lua in the Boston area yesterday. Story here.

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(05/06/09-Boston, MA) Dog drives truck? No, just a dog waiting for it’s owner as the man makes a delivery on Northern Avenue in South Boston.

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