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I met Peter Pan in Nantucket in 2011.

Allison Williams, star of tonight’s live NBC broadcast of Peter Pan, and daughter of NBC news anchor Brian Williams, is seen at the  2011 Nantucket Film Festival. I was covering the film festival with Laura Raposa, former Inside Track columnist at the Boston Herald. Williams was nice, personable. One could see her stardom coming. Brian is quite personable and extremely funny, usually telling jokes on the red carpet. I took a family portrait and emailed it to Jane Williams, Brian’s wife, who, I believe, used the photo for their Christmas card.





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I snapped these photos in Cambridge at last night’s M.I.T Festival for Art Science and Technology “FAST light” celebration. Some of the students showed off their impressive  computer and light laser skills and knowledge as they illuminated parts of Boston’s Charles River and parts of the M.I.T campus. The festival ends tonight. Go have a look. It was very fun.

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On This Date in My Photo History: July 12, 2007

(071207-Revere,MA) The sand sculptures at Revere Beach frame shadows of the throngs that came at sunset to check out the artwork. This years event is planned for July 14-July 18. Below photos snapped for the Boston Herald.

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