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The Antonov Design Bureau AN124, a Ukrainian cargo plane with a tail # UR-82008, is seen departing Boston’s Logan International Airport after a surprise and brief refueling stop prior to a flight to the NASA Shuttle Landing Facility (Titusville). My photos from early this morning.

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I was a witness to many memorable events in 2016, from several nasty building fires, to extreme weather, to a tragic trench collapse. Here are some of these moments. Photos taken on and off my Boston Herald news photographer shift. Thank you to the Herald, and to my subjects, many of whom are first responders.

December 16, 2016-Boston,MA. Firefighters battle fire and ice during this morning’s frigid 6 alarm fire in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood.

ABOVE: 04/28/2016-Boston,MA. A Boston firefighter stretches a hose toward a large brush fire in the Fenway section of the city, at the rear of City of Boston’s fire alarm office.

ABOVE: October 21, 2016-Boston,MA. Construction worker Steven Smith pleads for help from others shortly after two workers were buried under water and soot as a trench collapse and water leak filled the hole they were working in on Boston’s Dartmouth St., Friday afternoon. The two workers were killed.

ABOVE: 05/26/2016-Boston,MA. Students peer at some of the 410 Charcoal drawings of the graduating seniors of Boston Latin’s Class of 2016, as they hang in the halls of the school. Philip Sossou, a graduating senior from Roslindale, started working on the drawings in February

ABOVE: 07/14/2016. The evening commute, Boston Logan style.

ABOVE: 05/19/2016-Boston,MA. The ocean liner Anthem of the Seas enters Boston Harbor, just after Thursday morning’s sunrise.

ABOVE: 04/21/2016-Winthrop,MA The sunrises as the moon sets over the city of Boston.

ABOVE: 04/02/2016-Winthrop,MA. Rooftop arrival.

ABOVE: 02/24/2016-Boston,MA Boston EMS’ Manuel Tejeda helps the victim of a car accident on D St.

ABOVE: 07/26/2016-Boston,MA. A Boston firefighter takes a breather at Tuesday afternoon’s multiple alarm fire at 87 Sawyer Ave. in Dorchester.

ABOVE: 08/09/2016- Sammy, of Winthrop,MA

ABOVE: 06/04/2016. Belmont,MA A turkey strolls along Belmont Hill.

ABOVE: 07/26/2016-Boston,MA. A tenant of 87 Sawyer Ave. in Dorchester, arrives home in tears, as her home burns Tuesday afternoon.

ABOVE: 06/01/2016-Winthrop,MA The very large Antonov 124 cargo plane, soars over Boston.

ABOVE: 09/08/2016-Winthrop,MA A Hummingbird Moth is seen tonight, refueling on some plants.

ABOVE: 07/20/2016-Boston,MA Boston Light frames tonight’s Super Moon rising.

ABOVE: 12/14/2016-Winthrop,MA. A high altitude airliner flying from Newark to Stockholm flies through a thin layer of haze as tonight’s moon rises. The plane was traveling at 605 knots and at 32,000′.

ABOVE: 10/15/2016-Winthrop,MA. An airliner, departing from Boston’s Logan airport, frames tonight’s Super Moon

ABOVE: 03/30/2016-Boston,MA Morning departure from Boston’s Logan airport as the moon sets in the background.

ABOVE: 09/16/2016-Boston,MA. The full Harvest moon rises over Boston Harbor’s Graves Light Friday evening.

ABOVE: 11/23/2016-Boston,MA. A very happy Paulina Lopez, age 10 years, is released from Franciscan ChildrenÕs in Brighton after being treated for a debilitating case of Acute Flaccid Myelitis. She heads home to celebrate Thanksgiving with her family. With her is her physical therapist Marcela Donat

ABOVE: 11/30/2016-Boston,MA. A man navigates Knapp Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood after a water main break flooded the area, shortly after 5:30am Wednesday morning. The Boston Water & Sewer Commission was in the process of shutting down the leak at 6am.

ABOVE: 12/03/2016-Cambridge,MA. Cambridge and surrounding fire departments battle a ten alarm fire on and around Berkshire street, Saturday afternoon.

ABOVE: 12/03/2016-Cambridge,MA. Cambridge and surrounding fire departments battle a ten alarm fire on and around Berkshire street, Saturday afternoon.

ABOVE: 07/21/2016-Boston,MA. Boston firefighters work at the scene of a 6-alarm fire on Bunker Hill St. in Charlestown, Thursday afternoon.

ABOVE: 12/06/2016-Malden,MA. Firefighters work at a 3 alarm fire at 381 Medford St. late Tuesday morning.

ABOVE: 03/05/16-Boston,MA A worker from a restoration/cleaning company is seen inside a fire-damaged apartment at 380 Talbot Ave. Saturday morning, hours after a fire killed a resident there.

ABOVE: 07/23/2016-Winthrop,MA A severe thunderstorm exits the coast at Winthrop Shore Drive after doing damage to homes, cars, and many trees.

ABOVE: 11/23/2016-Boston,MA. Boston Police, Fire, and EMS personnel work to make comfortable, and then to eventually rescue, this distraught man threatening to jump from a ledge at the MIT Frat house at Commonwealth Ave., and Hereford St., Wednesday afternoon.

ABOVE: 08/14/2016-Winthrop,MA A split-second burst of several lightning bolts is seen over Graves Light during an early morning thunderstorm.

ABOVE: 12/15/2016-Stoneham,MA. Firefighters work at the scene of a 2 alarm fire at 154 North St., late Thursday morning.

ABOVE: 12/16/2016-Boston,MA. Firefighters battle fire and ice during this morning’s frigid 6 alarm fire in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood.

ABOVE: 03/18/2016. Winthrop,MA. Winter surfing.

ABOVE: 03/26/2016-Boston,MA. Mayor Martin J. Walsh poses for a photo with 6 year old twins Aiden, at left, and Austin, prior to the annual Sisters of Saint Joseph Easter Egg Roll in Brighton, Saturday morning.

ABOVE: 11/17/2016-East Boston. Birds of a feather.

ABOVE: 02/14/2016-Winthrop,MA. Seasmoke rises above the Atlantic as Boston temperatures dipped to several degrees fahrenheit below zero Sunday morning.

ABOVE: 12/16/2016-Boston,MA. Firefighters battle fire and ice during this morning’s frigid 6 alarm fire in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood.

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I’m really proud to share this news. I placed 1st and 2nd in the prestigious AVIATION WEEK Magazine photo contest, with two Boston photos from Boston’s Logan International Airport.

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I have received questions about my settings for this type of photograph. The first photo, at top, was photographed last night, Sunday October 18, at 6:06pm. It is Aer Lingus flight EIN 139, a Dublin to Boston Airbus A330. I used a Canon camera and a 100-400mm lens at 176mm. Speed was ISO/ASA 1000. Shutter speed 1/400th of a second at F5 aperture.
I set the camera fire 5 bursts on the same frame. A 5 multiple exposure photo, with each snap at 1.2 second intervals. A tripod is a must as the city skyline will actually be photographed 5 separate, and thus has to be lined up the same each time.  
The bottom photo, a 6 image multiple exposure, was snapped on Saturday night at 5:49pm. ISO/ASA 320 with a lens of 200mm. Shutter speed of 1/320th of a second at F5, with a 1.5 second interval between snaps. These photo are a lot of fun, especially when the wind kicked up and the jet lands somewhat sideways.


09/21/2015-Boston,MA. A vigil for the young girl who became know as Baby Doe before being identified as Bella Bond, is underway at Deer Island, near the spot where her lifeless body was found June 25. Staff photo by Mark Garfinkel


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Some fun airplane photos from the past week.

A huge Airbus A380 double-decker airliner 7.2 miles above Boston, a Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner gliding into Boston, and another Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Dreamliner landing with the Boston skyline in the background, were just some of the fun snaps I took this week.



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I was the first media photographer on the scene of a collision involving two airliners on the taxiway at Logan Airport on July 14, 2011.. I was in South Boston when my car’s police scanner broadcasted the voice of a pilot of a large Delta airliner. His calm voice reported that he believed that his plane had just struck another jet. I sped through the Ted Williams tunnel and up to the roof of the Terminal B parking garage. There it was, in full view, 2 planes, one with a gash through it’s tail.  My photos were picked up worldwide after the Boston Herald’s usage. Here are some of the photos. The first photo was just about 8 minutes after the collision and it shows the larger “offending” jet, at left, although in this photo one cannot see the damage to the larger plane’s left wing tip. In the second photo, the larger jet is being moved, so it’s damaged left winglet is now visible with the mangled tail of the smaller jet. An interesting aside to this is that the larger plane’s winglet is still embedded in the tail section of the smaller plane.



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Air Force One photo sequence flying into Boston

Here is the photo sequence from late afternoon yesterday as Air Force One was on short final approach over South Boston, flying into Boston’s Logan International Airport. I had some folks questioning whether this was real or a photo fake, with the skyline of Boston so close. The one photo in the middle of this sequence was “retweeted” on Twitter several hundred times. It seems people like this amazing airplane, and see it as a source of American pride, as opposed to another divisive political topic. Shot from Deer Island with an 1120mm lens.







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Lightning flies above Boston’s Logan airport

Lightning, associated with a line of heavy thunderstorms, briefly delayed some flights tonight at Logan airport. The arrivals and departures used many different runway configurations to avoid flying into the storms. Here are four photos where lightning is seen in the same photo as an airplane, from varying distances.





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The Boeing 787 Dreamliner that suffered a battery fire in a cargo-hold in January continues to sit  just a few hundred yards away from the where the original incident occurred. All of its Japan Airlines markings have been covered with large white tape and temporary structures are nestled against the jet, forming what appears to be a veritable testing lab. 

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Heavy winds after this morning’s snow, then a beautiful, but frigid sunset. The middle photo just about says it all as an Alaska Air jet gets ready for takeoff from an Alaska-like Logan. Please see my photos below.

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