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So you don’t think you could have fun in a “puddle jumping” Cessna 402 that seats under 10 passengers? Think again. I flew to Nantucket Tuesday evening and flew home to Boston last evening. Nantucket was great, but the flights, to and from, came in a surprising 2nd place in the fun category. My travel partner and I departed  Logan at 7:25pm on Tuesday evening, on Cape Air airlines. We took off toward the east and banked south over Winthrop’s Deer Island as we headed toward Ack, the Nantucket airport code letters. Our pilot, like a precision field goal kicker, “split the uprites” of two thunderstorms, one near Plymouth and the other east of Plymouth. A beautiful, near full moon also greeted us after clearing the storms. Please see my photos below.

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Supermoon + superfog = superfail

The fog rolls in at East Boston’s Constitution Beach. My hopes to photograph the cool moon tonight were dashed as a fog bank rolled in, getting progressively worse by the minute. These photos were snapped at 7:39pm, 7:43pm, 7:46pm, and 7:49pm respectively. They show just how potent the fog was, getting worse every minute. In fact, Logan airport arriving jets were warned of the fog and some switched to a category 3 landing, which is defined as a landing attempt in runway visibility less than 1200ft. A more heightened strand of an instrument landing system. Keep in mind, I never left my position and this is a 10 minute frame. All in all, a disappointing night.

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My obsession with aviation continues. Those of you who appreciate this, like I do, please have a look. Those who think: “well, it looks like just an airplane to me,” please be patient and wait for my next post 🙂 The following photos were snapped Tuesday night.


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The Dreamliner arrived a little after 9am Sunday morning, and Massport authorities threw the newest airliner a party. These photos and a small video (link in RED at bottom) show the arrival.


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Virgin Atlantic jumbo-jet lands during a pretty Boston sunset.

I shot this Virgin Atlantic Airbus 340 landing during Wednesday’s pretty Boston sunset. I used a Leica M9 and a 35mm summicron lens. 

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