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I was at the scene today, in Boston’s Fort Point Channel, where a woman somehow ended up in the very chilly water. A Boston police officer jumped into the water, stabilized her, and then waited for Boston firefighters and a police boat to effect a rescue. Boston Herald’s Matt Stout has the story here along with more of my photos and a dramatic video by passerby Hal Munger. Great teamwork by the first responders. A big thanks to Boston Herald director of photography Jim Mahoney who heard the original call and “pushed me gently” to get there. See my photos below as the woman is stabilized and the cold police officer awaits his rescue, on a small wooden pier.

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As the public and several dozen Boston police officers looked on in bright sunshine, a memorial sign honoring slain Boston police detective Roy Sergei was unveiled in the Back Bay today, on the 25th anniversary of his death. Detective Sergei’s wife Maryellen, sister Janet, daughter Michelle, and son Brendan along with Billy Kennedy, the late detective’s patrol partner who was also shot that night, were in attendance as well. Please see my photo below of Billy Kennedy and Sergei’s daughter Michelle Sergei Casiano just after the unveiling today. Please click on the photo for a special video of today’s ceremony.

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In honor of national “Thank a Cop Day”…

Yes, that’s right, September 15, 2012 is Thank a Cop Day, see here. In honor of those people on the blue line, here is a photo I snapped a few nights ago. I can’t think of a better way to say thank you than to show a truly miserable work moment for a cop. This is a traffic stop on Chelsea St. in Charlestown during very heavy rain. This gentleman was stopped because he did not have his lights on. He later put them on during the stop. The police department is the National Park Service, I believe. So, thank you police!

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Photo sequence of Brookline bear falling from tree.

I never thought that I would photograph, let alone see, a bear in Brookline, but I did both today. I had just left the Boston Herald en route  to a 7:30am assignment to photograph Bobby Valentine and Doc Rivers at Fenway Park. I aborted that when I received a tip about a bear being cornered up in a tree in Brookline. I was aware of this bear because of the many sightings from last night. My plan before the tip was to shoot the assignment at Fenway and then drive toward Brookline and see if there were any more sightings. Anyway, I steamed toward Brookline, got myself steady after a harrowing commute, and tried to get a good angle on this animal. I was very luck to see Mrs. “L”,  a friend who’s tree was where the bear was resting. I watched as Brookline and Massachusetts Environmental police  weighed their options. They raised a bucket truck with an officer armed with a tranquilizer gun, while on the ground another officer took a different angle. One yellow dart entered the back of the animal, as seen in the bottom photo of both the bear and the armed officer. The officer positioned on the ground was the one who shot the bear. Unfortunately the bear then scampered up the tree to a position approximately 85-100 feet aloft. After several minutes the tranquilizer worked and the groggy bear fell. Mrs. “L” and I both gasped. She was very emotional as it appeared that there would be no chance of survival from that height. The bear crashed through smaller branches as if they were twigs, en route down. We were told by officials that the bear looked to be not injured seriously. Read more at


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Loyal dog found 1 mile from crash, reunited with injured driver.

Jim Squires and his dog Timber were exiting Route 1 South onto Chelsea’s Carter St. off ramp when a car, being chased by Saugus police and others, crashed into him. His pickup truck rolled over. He crawled from the wreck with only minor cuts but noticed his dog was gone, last seen scampering down the Carter St. ramp. Police officers at the wreck were seen looking over the elevated ramp for any signs of the dog. I was positioned on the ramp with my cameras also. One mile away and 55 minutes later a resident of the Prattville section of Chelsea called police to report a strange dog acting “scared.” I left the wreck and drove to Jones Ave. after hearing police scanner transmissions about the dog. I arrived to find crash victim Jim Squires carrying his dog to a waiting police car. Squires, a strapping off duty Hampton, NH firefighter/paramedic was still bleeding from his head as he held tight to the scared Golden Retriever. Back at the scene investigating officers were mopping up the area where 2 people, in the fleeing car, were arrested and a total of 3 people were injured. Traffic in the area was tied up for a couple of hours. Read more in todays Boston Herald.

Chelsea police start the search for Timber, a dog that ran away from a rolled over pickup truck.

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Boston police vs Boston fire. Hockey at Frozen Fenway

I photographed at a frozen fenway park today as the Boston police and Boston fire department hockey teams squared off. This was a very good brand of hockey, as both teams have former high school, college and drafted pros on the ranks. The game was cleanly played with Boston’s finest edging out the hosemen. Boston cop Frank St. Peter, in top photo at right, needed a few stitches above his eye after a 2nd period collision. Others in my photos include BPD skaters Jeff Connolly and Charlie Daniels and Boston firefighters, goalie Mike Sweeney and Ryan Maher among others. Last, but of course not least, is retired Boston firefighter/fire investigator Bill Noonan manning the camera in bottom photo.

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As Occupy Boston took it’s show on the road to a Copley Square event, Boston police, including the top department brass lead by Commissioner Ed Davis, followed. Yesterday’s 1pm rally included an aluminum foil replica of the now infamous kitchen sink that was confiscated by police Thursday night from the Dewey Square encampment. It also included speeches, a band and an unsuspecting newly married couple who meandered out of Trinity Church and into a large Occupy Boston march. The just married couple, Phillip Marshall and Elise Reynolds, did not mind one bit as they are both Occupy Boston supporters. See my photos below. See Herald story here.

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The Brighton Murder/Standoff. I got a bit too close.

I responded to Ledgemere Rd. in Brighton today, just prior to 11 a.m. for a report of a person shot. Boston police dispatch said, via the police scanner, that state police had received the one call. I headed that way slowly until the first responders confirmed the shooting and then asked dispatch for a “push” on the paramedics. They said he was shot to the chest but still breathing. I accelerated my response and then a startling phrase came through my scanner speakers. “Shots fired at us” (the police)!  I parked my car and ran toward the scene taking cover behind a brick wall as additional officers were arriving to bolster the first responders and EMS who were now taking refuge in the basement. See my photos below. The scene was still fluid with no police tape, so I figured I was all right in my location as long as I did not move. WRONG! See the last photo (scroll down) taken by photojournalist and friend Byron Smith. This is me getting moved out of the area by a very fair officer. Anyway, I did manage to get a photo of police in a defensive mode with guns drawn and then police and EMS evacuating a nearby senior center. See more of my photos along with a Boston Herald story here.

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Lightning, Wind, Then Police Shootout. Busy Evening…

I was present for, and photographed at, several interesting scenes last evening in the Boston area. First, local high school students participating in yesterday’s “senior skip day” at Revere Beach, had a front row seat to last evening’s lightning storm. Then, the winds blew. A man was knocked off his jet-ski due to those high winds and rescued by a Lynn fire department boat crew as his family waited emotionally on shore. They hugged as he was transported on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Then, Lynn police  reported “shots fired” as heard from my police scanner radio. They had several men that had barricaded themselves inside a Collins St home. I photographed as one man left the building with his hands up. Lynn police ended up shooting two of them, injuring one critically. No further information at this time. Check further updates at Please scroll down for my photos.

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There were two adult turkeys and two juvenile turkeys hanging around the Harvard Medical School area yesterday afternoon when I snapped these photos. At one point, Boston police officer Shawn McCarthy helped by stopping traffic for a brief period as one of the turkeys got a little too comfortable with Longwood avenue’s asphalt surface. Story in today’s Boston Herald.



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