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I chase and photograph thunderstorms. Every thunderstorm that I can chase, I chase. July 28, 2014 was a day off from work, which afforded me the opportunity to storm chase. The storm cells that the weather radar showed just after 9am that morning, looked like a good possibility for me. I drove to Bayswater St. in East Boston thinking I could shoot the Boston skyline with any lightning that might be occur. It did not occur. The storm’s energy seemed to shift quickly toward the northeast, over what appeared to be the Revere, Saugus, Everett area. I then drove to Morton St. in Winthrop, which gives a nice view of Revere. Photos of daytime lightning are very difficult to achieve, especially during haze and heavy rain, so this was not turning out too well for me. I did, however, notice the very turbulent sky above Revere. I snapped a few photos. Shortly thereafter I got a tip that Revere had a lot of damage near the lower Broadway area, near city hall. I headed out toward Broadway and Tafts St., arriving in short order. The extent of the damage was shocking. I started taking photos and then moved toward Revere Beach Parkway. There I saw several homes with rooftops blown off. It was then, after seeing the angle of the fallen trees and calling up a high school weather class memory, that I guessed it might have been a tornado that socked this area. If fallen trees are angled in several different angles, then most likely it was a tornado. If the trees are lined up in the same way, then it was straight line winds that tore through the area. Here are some of the cloud formations just prior to, and after the tornado, and also the damage caused by it. 











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More from Saturday’s big Revere fire. Per reader requests.

My Boston Herald photo coverage of Saturday’s 5-alarm fire in Revere caught the attention of several readers of my blog, and of the Herald. Here is most of my photo shoot from Saturday evening’s fire at Sozio Appliance, a fixture on Squire road for many decades. Here is the Herald story from Kathleen McKiernan, and, as always, reader feedback is very much appreciated..






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Everett Mayor and wife celebrate as casino proposal is approved.

Everett,MA Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his wife Stacy celebrate after the MA. Gaming Commission voted to approve a proposal put forth by Wynn Casino, to place a casino in Everett, beating out a proposed Revere casino. At bottom, Mayor DeMaria approaches Revere Mayor Daniel Rizzo and shakes his hand.


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I snapped this photo early this evening from Revere’s Beachmont section. Today’s storms were very hard to judge, photographically speaking. The first lightning event popped up pretty fast from the persistent dark cloud bank that was hanging to our west most of the day. I was in the Point Shirley section of Winthrop waiting and waiting for the storms to form. Unfortunately the lightning, after only a few dull and distant bolts, became quite fierce directly overhead. So it was a bit too dangerous for me to set up outside. Thankfully, storm after lightning producing storm continued to form and move east. Sadly, this was the only success I had all day. Funny, with the whole debt crisis bill being passed today, I think maybe it’s an appropriate photo, maybe a hopeful photo. That is, Old Glory standing proud in the face of a dangerous storm. Let’s hope!!

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Lightning, Wind, Then Police Shootout. Busy Evening…

I was present for, and photographed at, several interesting scenes last evening in the Boston area. First, local high school students participating in yesterday’s “senior skip day” at Revere Beach, had a front row seat to last evening’s lightning storm. Then, the winds blew. A man was knocked off his jet-ski due to those high winds and rescued by a Lynn fire department boat crew as his family waited emotionally on shore. They hugged as he was transported on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Then, Lynn police  reported “shots fired” as heard from my police scanner radio. They had several men that had barricaded themselves inside a Collins St home. I photographed as one man left the building with his hands up. Lynn police ended up shooting two of them, injuring one critically. No further information at this time. Check further updates at Please scroll down for my photos.

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I photographed and videotaped Borias Lake, an 8-yr-old Revere student at William Mckinley School, who was honored yesterday by Suffolk County County District Attorney Dan Conley after reading the book he wrote on bullying entitled, Borias Brainstorms on Bullying. Cute video too. Check it out along with Renee Nadeau’s story in today’s Boston Herald.

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Revere crash wipes out 4 utility poles.

Revere officials work the scene of an accident at the 1200 block of North Shore that downed 4 utility poles Wednesday morning, November 17, 2010. No serious injuries were reported as a 2 trucks and 2 cars were involved. See my photos below, snapped while on assignment for the Boston Herald.

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(09/23/10-Revere,MA) John Bottari hugs his cat “Piddles” after Revere fire chief Gene Doherty handed the cat to him during a 3-alarm fire Thursday afternoon. The fire started at 16 Dana St and spread to a dwelling on North Shore Rd. The cat survived with minor dehydration and some minor burns to the paws. Please my Herald photo gallery here and Herald story here.

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