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The Brighton Murder/Standoff. I got a bit too close.

I responded to Ledgemere Rd. in Brighton today, just prior to 11 a.m. for a report of a person shot. Boston police dispatch said, via the police scanner, that state police had received the one call. I headed that way slowly until the first responders confirmed the shooting and then asked dispatch for a “push” on the paramedics. They said he was shot to the chest but still breathing. I accelerated my response and then a startling phrase came through my scanner speakers. “Shots fired at us” (the police)!  I parked my car and ran toward the scene taking cover behind a brick wall as additional officers were arriving to bolster the first responders and EMS who were now taking refuge in the basement. See my photos below. The scene was still fluid with no police tape, so I figured I was all right in my location as long as I did not move. WRONG! See the last photo (scroll down) taken by photojournalist and friend Byron Smith. This is me getting moved out of the area by a very fair officer. Anyway, I did manage to get a photo of police in a defensive mode with guns drawn and then police and EMS evacuating a nearby senior center. See more of my photos along with a Boston Herald story here.

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Lightning, Wind, Then Police Shootout. Busy Evening…

I was present for, and photographed at, several interesting scenes last evening in the Boston area. First, local high school students participating in yesterday’s “senior skip day” at Revere Beach, had a front row seat to last evening’s lightning storm. Then, the winds blew. A man was knocked off his jet-ski due to those high winds and rescued by a Lynn fire department boat crew as his family waited emotionally on shore. They hugged as he was transported on a stretcher to a waiting ambulance. Then, Lynn police  reported “shots fired” as heard from my police scanner radio. They had several men that had barricaded themselves inside a Collins St home. I photographed as one man left the building with his hands up. Lynn police ended up shooting two of them, injuring one critically. No further information at this time. Check further updates at Please scroll down for my photos.

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