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After watching Mayor Menino’s announcement that he would not seek a 6th term, I started perusing some of the many photos that I had snapped over the years, of him for the Boston Herald. Earlier today I posted some light-hearted photos and a funny Menino video moment. On a less light-hearted note, here are some Menino moments that moved me. Captions include the 2006 moment he consoled Isaura Mendes shortly after the community anti-violence activist found out that she had lost a second son in 11 years to a shooting, and his annual trip to the Pine St. Inn to carve a Thanksgiving turkey. This time he brought his grandson Will Fenton, age 9 years, and took a “teachable moment” to show him the Inn’s sleeping quarters.

(11/27/08-Boston,MA) Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino, with grandson Will Fenton, age 9 years in tow, visited the Pine Street Inn today to carve some turkey and say hi to the residents.

(03/05/07-Boston,MA) Three speakers wait their turn… Mayor Thomas Menino and Senator John Kerry frame 9 yr old Alexsiana Walker at Boston’s Children’s Hospital. The three joined Senator Ted Kennedy and others at a press conference to call for more federal funding of child health care. ED NOTE little Alexiana is seriously ill with a potential future eyesight loss and her mother lost her employee health care.

(11/03/09-Hyde Park,MA) Mayor Thomas M. Menino, his wife Angela and their granddaughters Samantha and Taylor arrive to vote this morning at the Hemenway School.

(11/04/09-Boston,MA) “Bent But Not Broken” The Morning After Mayor Menino’s 5th victory. Brian Beaton, trash hauler, discarded Menino campaign signs outside of a Southie polling place on Day Boulevard. He commented on how his collections today were almost all Menino signs saying: “He (Menino) doesn’t need his signs anymore but Flaherty will be keeping his, I’m sure”


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Fun photos of Boston’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino, over the years.

As Mayor Thomas M. Menino is set to officially announce that he won’t seek a 6th term as mayor, I’m reminded of the many times I have photographed him as a staffer at the Boston Herald. Included is THIS, a **MUST-SEE** video as Mayor Menino responds to a Daily Beast report that states Boston is a pretty drunken city. He was always very accommodating to news photographers on deadline, etc, and usually very fun-spirited. In the 2000’s, Mayor Menino grew smart regarding any props, i.e signs, or pictures with animals or clowns at the circus. He would rarely be seen with any of those things at photo ops, because he knew how they would be “played” in the paper the next day. But I managed to grab a few “lighter” moments. Best of luck to Boston’s favorite buddy, Mayor Tom.

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Boston Mayor Menino takes on the Daily Beast

My video, below of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino’s funny response to a Daily Beast survey  that lists Boston as the drunkest city in the nation. Boston Herald’s Raakhee Mirchandani asks the questions and the mayor, suffering from a December cold, answers as only he can. 

VIDEO—–> 122911mayormg-desktop

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