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There is magic above, just look up. Lot Airlines flight LO26, Warsaw-NYC (JFK), flying at 37,975′ passes United Airlines flight UA999, JFK-Brussels, which is at 34,975′. I photographed this at 7:34pm tonight, from my driveway in Winthrop. Scroll down for the very cool radar readout, courtesy of the very awesome


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A United Boeing 777 landed safely at Logan after a smoke smell was reported inside the aircraft. According to police scanner transmissions from Massport fire command, firefighters were investigating the source of the smell. They were then concerned enough, that they asked that a stair car be brought to the plane to take the passengers off that way as there was not a gateway available immediately. After buses and the stair car were positioned, it was decided not to evacuate in that manner. Please see my photos below.

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