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This photo was snapped from my Winthrop home, out our 3rd floor window, at approximately 7:23pm-ish tonight. Thanks to the internet, one can find out what type of plane, destination, and airline, etc. This is an Atlas Air 747-400. It is going 560mph at 36,000 feet. It is going from JFK-Frankfurt, Germany.


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One of the most beautiful Boston sunsets in a long time.

Tonight had it all. A rainbow, over Winthrop, some lightning, some thunderstorm cloud tops that were illuminated by the setting sun. Very cool! Here are some photos I snapped from Winthrop tonight.







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A beautiful Winthrop sunset.

I snapped this a couple of nights ago in Winthrop. Winthrop almost always has interesting light at sunset.

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Sunset jet, miles away, as seen from Winthrop.

This was snapped with an 800mm lens and a 2x extender, making it a whopping 1600mm. In comparison, normal sight is 50mm. I am guessing that this jet was over the Dedham area or even more west than that.

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I snapped these photos tonight starting at 5:41pm. I used an 800mm lens with a 1.4x teleconverter.

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I was sent to Winthrop as other Boston Herald photographers fanned out to other coastal communities. It was IMPOSSIBLE to keep myself and my camera gear dry and salt water free. I returned home and spent 45 minutes cleaning and drying any sand or salt off my cameras and lenses.

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Before reading this post, it may help to read part 1.  An interesting ending to my trip was a last minute switch to a different runway because of a jumbo jet coming up on a rear faster than air traffic expected. We almost reached the Winthriop shoveling, just before the threshold of runway 27, when we veered sharply to the right and flew over Winthrop Shore Drive and then banked left to connect with runway 22Left.  Please see my photos below of my return flight to Boston, from Nantucket, on Cape Air airlines. Thanks as always.

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Left on the cutting room floor. Home for unwanted photos.

Every day I snap photos that, for some reason or another, don’t see the light of day regarding being published. They may not be strong enough in the quality department, or they just might not be relevant. Some photos, like the dog in traffic being “chauffeured” in a bright red car, the American flag in Winthrop, or these airplanes on a cloudy day were shot either en route to photo assignments or with no intention of having them published. The helicopter from the North Andover Flight Academy, happened to be flying at sunset over my Somerville neighborhood. I was fascinated at how my lens was able to magnify these two passengers so powerfully. The photo of the old man talking to Boston police East Boston district Captain Kelley McCormick has a funny story to it, in an otherwise sad event. This photo was snapped this morning at the homicide of a man on Chelsea St. in Eastie. This man, in his nineties, would not give me his name. Instead, he gave me a good laugh, which I will explain at the end. The photo shows him arriving to his house, which is next to the murder scene. He is very concerned about what is happening, as he has just stumbled upon the goings-on next door. Captain McCormick gently tells him what has happened and where he can and cannot proceed to. I approached him for his name and to find out if he knew anything or anyone regarding the crime. He said no, but motioned me to come closer so that he could whisper something in my ear. I came closer and put my ear to near his mouth and he said, “closer”, so I went closer. He then said, referring to the crime: “I did it.” He was great. He had a smile from ear to ear. Thanks for reading.

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Winthrop house explosion. Through my lens.

I was on scene moments after the home at 627 Pleasant St. exploded, probably from a natural gas leak. Sherian Hobson, the owner of the house, had recently purchased a new front door for her home. The door was blown onto the front yard. Check out my photos below and Herald scribe Matt Stout’s story here.

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Lucky for me that it was a near full moon tonight where I could simply lose myself in photographing two subjects that I love, airplanes and the moon. I packed an 800mm lens into my car and headed for Winthrop. I only had a few minutes, but it was bliss. No botched fake punt, no sports talk radio, no nothing. Just the moon and this departing Continental 737. I wondered where it was going.

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