A Brief, Unscientific Review of the Canon Powershot G11

Just got my Canon Powershot G11. Very cool! It will go nicely with my Canon arsenal that includes both an 800mm and a 14mm lens, Canon EOS 1D Mark11N and Mark111 cameras and many other lens. While all the above serve a specific purpose, this new addition is just plain fun. While I am not going to write an in depth, technical review of this gem, I will give you my first impressions. To begin with it is far more comfortable in one’s hand than Canon’s prior powershots in the G-series, thanks to a newly designed grip. It has better image quality by way of ¬†improved noise performance, a 10 megapixel CCD sensor, an image stabilized 28-140mm F2.8-4.5 equivalent zoom lens and a 2.8″ tilt/swivel LCD back. The tilt back is a cool feature that is great when one needs, for instance, to shoot from an unorthodox position like the “hail mary”, where one might have the camera held high above head level. The camera is small, think pregnant cigarette pack, great for those aspiring paparazzi among us. Here are some of my first photos with my new toy. The following were shot at 400ISO speed.

Me with auto white balance and settings of 400iso 1/80th of a second at F3.2 as seen in a mirror self portrait.

Cosmo the cat...400ISO 1/60th of a second at F2.8 with auto white balance

Good shot of the tilt/swivel back as seen in a mirror self portrait.

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